2019 Rocks! Act on the Inspiration (Part 4 of 5)

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2019 Rocks! Act on the Inspiration (Part 4 of 5)In this series of blogs, you have so far chosen:

  • What you will feel like at the end of 2019 (Step 1)
  • What you dream of being, having or doing during the year (Step 2)
  • A way to plug into believing that your dreams will come true (Step 3)

Now it’s time for some actions. These aren’t ordinary actions. They are inspired actions. This is when you listen to your body and do what it’s leading you to do – even if it doesn’t make sense.

If we listen to our bodies (our gut instinct), our lives will have more ease. So far, you have told the Universe the feelings and things you desire. This is the part where you let the Universe whisper to you what the next step is for you to take.

You have the picture of what you desire. The Universe is a team member with a plan to help you get it. It only shows you the next step on your path and this is done through a subtle nudge. If you aren’t paying attention to the nudge, the Universe gives you a shove. And if you’re still not paying attention, it will hit you over the head with a two by four. The Universe is trying to help you achieve your desires. You were the one who set the dream in motion. The Universe is just trying to help you achieve it.

The nudging is the Universe’s job. Listening to the messages and doing the actions are your jobs. For example, as I was writing this New Year’s series, I flew through the first two blogs. Then slowed down on the third. I needed a break. After talking on the phone, doing other work, eating lunch and then cleaning the kitchen, I thought this break was enough. So, I sat down to write the third blog in the series. I was still stuck. I asked my body what it would like to do?

The Universe guided the answer. My eyes went to people sitting by the pool. (Winters in Florida are great.) I was being nudged to go outside and read a book. So, I told the Universe that I’d do that, and in exchange I’d like an idea to flush out step three and start writing again.

I had faith that when I returned from the poolside, I’d be inspired. An hour later, I was. I gave my body what it wanted and the first line of step three’s blog floated through my head. I knew it was time to write again. Since then, even more blogs have flown out of my pen.

If I’d just sat with pen in hand and not listened to my body, I’d have just gotten frustrated. By listening to the nudge, more got done in less time.

So, now take a look at your dream list. Remember the possibility exists for each of your dreams to come true. Ask the Universe a question similar to:

  • What can I be, have or do now, in this moment, to feel my dreams fulfilled?
  • What can I be, have or do today to take a step closer to one of these dreams materializing?
  • What would it take to feel today how I’ll feel when the dreams are reality?
  • Body, what would you like to do in this moment to help my dreams created be more phenomenal than I have imagined?

It is important to ask for inspiration. You ask. The Universe answers and gives you inspiration. You listen and feel for the nudge, then act upon that inspiration. Repeat. Follow the nudges as they are leading to your inspired actions, which in turn will lead you to your dreams completed.

Be aware, that your inspirations and dreams may not (and probably won’t) show up as you imagined. They can be even better.

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