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Woohoo! This Year Rocked.It’s December 31st.  The year is almost over.  Is your view “Phew! Another year is over,” or “Woohoo!  I rocked 2018.”?  Chances are it’s something in the middle.  Things either worked for you or they didn’t.

People have bought into the idea that all the trouble and turmoil, drama and trauma, and general mayhem in the world have to influence their lives.  After all, if others are having a hard time, they reason, they should also.

This, however, is a false premise.  It’s equivalent to thinking that you can’t be healthy because the guy down the street is sick.  Or you can’t have money because your neighbor does.  Everything is not equal. And that is okay.  We each get to experience our own lives according to our own point of view and how we feel about that point of view.

Sometimes it seems as if the world around you is going to pieces.  Stuff happens.  It’s all about how you react to what happens.  Your own personal reality is dependent on what you focus on, specifically how you view and feel about it.  Something supposedly negative can happen, and yet it’s possible to find the good in it.

When I got divorced, I was writing gratitude statements about the mistress.  I was determined to get past the hurt and disappointment. When I got to, “She took him off my hands,” I could literally feel the weight lifting off of me.  From there, I realized that she had actually done me a giant favor. I changed my point of view and felt better. This was a win.

This example is how you can take something supposedly negative and find what is right about it.  When the yuck happens, ask yourself, “What’s fantastic about this that I couldn’t see before?”

Not everything is bad. Some things are great and have worked for you.  It’s just as important to be able to notice what is working for you.  The more you notice what is working for you, the more the Universe gives you things and experiences that work for you.

To help you wind up 2018 on a high note, write down everything you can think of that happened to you during the year that worked for you. Think about what didn’t work for you and find what is good about that. As you go into 2019, you can do this every day to keep your focus on what is working in your life.  That way each day you will be able to touch the feeling of your life working for you. It will be a constant reminder to look for more that is working for you.  The more you feel this, the more the Universe brings you.

After all, what you focus on is what you get.  If you do this, you’ll be able to feel and acknowledge everything that is working for you with a great big, “Woohoo!  This day rocked.”  2019 is bound to be even better as you keep your eye on the woohoo feeling.

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