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High Vibe Holidays - Flip and Flick (8 of 9)The flip and flick method is a favorite among my workshop attendees and clients. It is used in the moment with slight hand motions to anchor the changes.

When to use the Flip and Flick Method

The flip and flick method can be used for any intention or feeling you are experiencing. The idea of the flip is that you keep feeling a better feeling. The idea of the flick is that you are flicking away any sensation that is not the feelings you are striving for.

Using the flip method, let’s take the example of a party. Your intention may be that the party will be fun, everyone will get along, and the food is delicious. Great job. You have chosen the intention. The next step is to reach for a better feeling. Yes, now you get to imagine what it will feel like when the party is better than you ever could have imagined. And then even better than that. And even better than that. At some point, you will feel a heaviness lift off of you. You will feel the expansion and may even take a deep breath.

The flip method can also be used if you are feeling tense. Tense, better than that, better than that, better than that, etc.

Flicking someone “off” has nothing to do with swearing at them with your hand motions. This type of hand motion brings your vibration down. The idea is to raise your vibration. Flicking is a subtle motion much like brushing something off your pants or the table. The difference is that you are flicking off a feeling.

Let’s pretend someone is talking to you and you feel uncomfortable. You want to brush off the uncomfortable feeling. It has nothing to do with the actual person and has everything to do with what you are feeling when you are talking with the person.

The flicking motion doesn’t have to be big such as waving off someone in their face as they talk to you. It can be a very small motion at your side. It can even look like an electrical impulse. The idea is to improve your feeling (without making the situation worse). The motion is a reminder to your body that you are getting rid of what doesn’t work for you.

How to do the Flip and Flick Methods


  1. Pretend you are holding or balancing an imaginary coin between your thumb and middle finger. (The fingers will be moving, so keep them loose.)
  2. One side of the coin is what you are feeling now. The other side is a better feeling.
  3. The side up is the current feeling.
  4. Flip (turn) the coin to the better side. This now becomes the current feeling.
  5. Flip the coin again to the better side. This side becomes the current feeling.
  6. Keep doing this until you have a feeling of expansion or take a deep breath. You have found a better feeling. There is no need to analyze the feeling.
  7. Repeat. Enjoy it and just keep on flipping.


  1. Reach for the better feeling.
  2. Flick away anything that isn’t that feeling.
  3. Repeat.

It’s all about how you feel. Flip for better and better. Flick away what doesn’t match better.

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