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High Vibe Holidays - Cleaning Your Internal House (6 of 9)It’s time to clean the house. The parties are almost upon us. The guests are about to arrive. Did you clean your internal house?

What? Internal house? You probably know about detoxing and cleaning up your physical body with eating healthy, exercising, juicing, and so on. But have you ever thought about clearing out your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies? There are many aspects to this. For this blog, we will just be focusing on you being you and letting go of everyone else that has been hitchhiking in your energy.

It doesn’t matter which body they are in. It’s time to let go of everyone who you have picked up along the way. You don’t have to save the world (or your friends and family) by taking on their stuff. Let it go. It’s not yours. Give it back to them so they can deal with it. You have given them a break, but there is no reason you have to keep giving them your energy.

Here are two simple exercise to help you clean your internal house:

Violet Fire Vacuum Cleaner

  • Notice your body/space/internal house. What is not you? You will feel something. Notice where your attention goes. It may not make sense, but it doesn’t have to. Just assume that someone is hanging out where your mind is attracted to in your body. (Hint: You don’t have to actually know who. It works even if you ask your body to reveal all the hitchhikers. It doesn’t matter if its someone you know, a stranger, or even a ghost.)
  • Take a violet fire vacuum cleaner and suction out whatever that feeling is.
  • Repeat until you feel lighter, more expansive and can breathe easier.
  • Finish by filling yourself with Ruby, Gold and Turquoise. (Filling yourself fills the void so that the hitchhikers don’t come back quite so easily.)

Disconnect the Cords

Imagine that all the hitchhikers you have picked up are attached to you with a thick cord. Think of it as a bungee cord and electrical extension cord as one cable between each hitchhiker and you. That is a lot of cords. Each cord is giving your energy away to whomever is at the other end. It’s time to disconnect the cords.

  • Imagine the cords.
  • Take ahold of the cord where it is attached to your body (head, back, heart, anywhere).
  • Pull out the cord and let it go.
  • In the space where the cord was attached, notice the door in the wall that was open to allow the cord to attach in the first place. The wall is your body’s edge. Close the door. Cement over the door with cobalt blue and smooth it out until the door disappears into the wall.

These exercises are great if you want to disconnect from people you no longer want in your life OR also to let people experience their choices. My daughter used this after she broke up with an old boyfriend and he kept calling. She did the unplugging exercise, and he stopped calling. I’ve used both exercises with my husband when he was feeling down, and I didn’t choose to share the down feeling.

As you clean your house and prepare for the holidays, remember to clean your internal house also. Every time you plug in the vacuum cleaner (or any appliance), do the first exercise. And every time you disconnect a cord, unplug everyone else from your body.

What would it feel like if you were just filled with you? What fantastic things could happen if you claimed all your energy for you?

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