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From Pain to Peace

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Note: The following is an older story from Judith’s archives.

The business card wasn’t on the footstool in the exercise room yesterday or the day before, or the day before that. In fact, it wasn’t on the footstool at any time during the past two years since I had last talked with Barbara D. Yet, here it was. What did it mean? The only way to find out was to call. (By the way, I wonder what “Barbara” means to me, as this is the third Barbara that has resurfaced in my life in the past three months.)

It was great to catch up on old times. The last we had talked, my divorce was in progress. She wondered how I was. I could honestly say GREAT! I told her about being able to find gratitude with my ex. Gratitude for what I learned, the path I was lead to, and the strength I now have. My current step is to love my ex – not for the things he did or didn’t do, but because he is another human being. It is for my health that I let the pain go. It wasn’t hurting anyone – except me. Once I let it go, I could find my peace.

“You should be giving seminars to women going through divorce, helping them to find their peace. A few of my friends are having a difficult time of it,” Barbara said.

The conversation kept playing in my head. Daydreams about talking with women who needed support during this life changing transition ran around in my head. What would I say? Would I be preachy? Would I be compassionate? Would I share honestly about my experiences, thoughts, and feelings? Would I sugar coat it? How would people react to what I had to say? Where would I do it? Would I record it? Could I write a book to help people?

Enough already. I tried to get my mind to stop by playing a CD, but this particular CD had lots of meditation time. So, my mind drifted back to the seminars in my head, which had morphed to small intimate living room discussions.

I imagined activities to explain my thoughts. I imagined telling all these women to quit talking about the negative stuff. Talking about it only brings more of it. I imagined telling the ladies gathered around that I believe there is a divine presence working hand in hand with us. (After all, how did I get the business card to a place where I noticed it?) And why not get all the support and help we can?

I imagined trying to tell people to ask for the outcome and not to be all tied up in how the outcome is achieved. Get out of the way and let God guide. This guidance will come in the form of gentle thoughts, signs, repeated happenings, things coming to you in one form or another.

So, where does this leave me? After all, to be quite honest, this isn’t the first time someone has suggested this to me. Maybe this is an extension of my writing about my journey to peace. This could be the teaching part that I’ve asked for from God. So, here goes: God, if you want me to teach about what I have learned on my journey of peace, then please bring the people to me who will benefit from what I have to share.

Now, I step out of the way as I continue with my writings, which I love doing. It will be interesting to see who starts popping up in my life. I just have to keep my eyes open and pay attention to the clues. Even God uses a business card from time to time.

(After note: While I just asked God to bring people to me who want my ideas, the first to step up and ask my advice was a market research firm conducting a survey. God certainly has a sense of humor. Go figure.)

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  1. Barbara Tarr November 7, 2018 at 7:43 pm

    I hope I am one of the Barbara’s! I loved your Creating Your Dreams workshop and look forward to attending another one. You have a lot of wisdom to share and your generosity is greatly appreciated!

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