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“You-niverse. You-niverse. You-niverse.” Adam and I stood in the kitchen and chanted as we punched our fists into the air. “You” with the left fist. “Niverse” with the right fist. It was playful and fun. But what brought this about?

I had gone to the doctor that day, and she had given me a game to play. (Actually, she had gotten the idea from an Abraham–Hicks DVD.) The game was very simple, but as I’ve found out very effective. Take a piece of paper and write To Do across the top. Then divide the paper down the middle. On the left side, write Things I’ll do. And on the right side, write Things for the Universe to do. Then on my side, I’m to write, only those things that feel good to do. Everything else went under the Universe side.

Wow! I was being given permission to do only what I wanted to do. This was a dream come true. But how would everything get done? Seeing as I had gone to the doctor for a back problem and was basically laid up, I was more than willing to give this a try, as I didn’t have the energy to do what I didn’t really want to do. I wondered, “What would change? Would I be lazy? What would I want to do?”

So, I quickly wrote on the Universe side:
Resolve any family issues with anger, perfection, image, and self-image.
Set up the website. (I was a bit overwhelmed with it.)
Resolve the leak in the yard.
Resolve the leak in the great room.
Healthy body.

I figured this was enough to start with. I’d add to the list as things came up.

Then, I lay down to read a book. Just a light mystery, not one of the zillion self-help books I own.

And an amazing thing happened. About halfway through the book, I was getting the feeling to go on a walk. So, I did. Even though Adam warned me that I would be tired afterwards, it felt great. When I returned, Adam was playing a Madden game on the computer – one that he promised he would be bored with in two or three days. Well, if I was allowed to do what I wanted, why not Adam too? (By the way, after an hour, he did get bored. And when I checked the computer later, he had gone to a math site for school and had done some work. Who would have thought?)

So, what did I want to do next? Since I was tired, I figured that watching an Abraham-Hicks DVD was in order. So, I did. Then about 7:30, Adam came in asking about dinner. He suggested we order in. I checked in with myself and realized that I would prefer to cook spaghetti. So, I did. Adam was happy with the decision too. As we were cleaning up (yes, I wanted to do that so I didn’t have to look at the dirty kitchen), I told him what the doctor had said about me doing only what I wanted to do. We then started the chanting. It started out as “You-niverse,” but as we finished many rounds, it felt like “U-niverse.” We were cheering for the Universe. I can’t teach my kid better than that! Or was he teaching me?

So, what happened to the other things on the Universe side of the list? As for the image, I shared with my father and friends what I was doing, and I got unanimous support. Amazing. Okay, the Universe was working on the image issue. Great. Now, how about the leak? Well, the city, who had previously decided they didn’t want to help us, all of a sudden decided that maybe it would be worth their while to help us find the leak in the yard, as it was treated water that wasn’t originating from our property. It is a step in the right direction. As for the website, I got an idea for writing and felt the urge to stop what I was doing and write. (Okay, first I dried off from the shower.) As for the healthy body, I have gotten the urge to walk and stretch. I did these because I really wanted to, not because someone told me they would be good for me. So, the rebel in me wasn’t needed. Then to top it off, my naturopath called and said he was going to be in the office that afternoon, if I wanted to come in for an extra treatment, I could name my time. Wow. This was great, as he has very few openings.

Thank you Universe. If I had known you would be this effective, I would have tried you much sooner. I hope you don’t get too tired from your side of the list being so long. But I plan on doing only those things that I really want to do. This was a great start after only two days.

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