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“…there are always at least six ways to do everything and certainly it is important to recognize how true that is. If you get into a pattern of rigidity which says, ‘This is the only way to do whatever it is you are trying to do,’ then you are feeding into rigidity and inflexibility and cannot take advantage of certain manifesting opportunities…”

Vywamus, as channeled through Janet McClure.
Mahatma I & II, Brian Grattan, p. 4

I was blown away that there are at least six ways of doing something. I can see that there are at least six ways of making a pot roast, exercising, and even communicating with someone. But what about something like telling the truth? I suppose that this is similar to the six blind men feeling the different parts of the elephant. For each person, the truth is seen from their own perspective.

Rigidity was brought to my attention when I got in a tiff with a friend about management styles. He and I both manage in a “set the course and let the person do it” type of way. Yet, when I brought up that I knew of someone who micromanaged and it worked for her because she found people who liked to be managed that way, my friend told me that didn’t make it right. As I see it, if it works for the people involved, then so be it. They are happy. Who am I to say it doesn’t work?

Coincidentally, the next morning I read the above quote and I began to wonder how I’m rigid in my thinking. After all, if something is brought to my attention from the Universe, I’m willing to listen. How many times during the day do I assume that “this is the right way of doing it?” How many times during the day do I fail to see that other ways can be right too? The more I look for the six or more ways, the more variety of options I find. This is a very interesting exercise and has led to an expansion of my thinking. Why don’t you give it a try?

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