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Good from Bad

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Somewhere on the internet this morning, there was an article about a woman who blogs about parenting. This is nothing new, but the uproar was because her son had overdosed and died, yet her readers didn’t know that she and her family were battling this. I’m on the woman’s side.
Yes, this experience would have enriched the blog series, but it would have also shifted the focus to what wasn’t working instead of what was, thus giving more energy to the negative. And as we all know whatever you put your focus on grows.

This doesn’t mean don’t take appropriate action to help a situation. Just quit talking about the negative. You can still help, but the negative morphic field around the situation doesn’t have to grow as it would by telling the story over and over.

As for myself, I choose to share the good stuff that happens in my family. That doesn’t mean that bad stuff doesn’t happen…and with four children, we certainly know that it does…but if I only write about the struggles, then the good gets lost. I just choose to look at things and find the positive, even within the negative. When something bad happens, I ask myself, “I wonder how this will be a benefit?”

We don’t know how this woman’s situation will be a benefit. Perhaps it will be that she can now open up about the struggle knowing that she is supported and not criticized. Or it could be her advice will be richer. Or maybe the Universe has something even better in mind. In the meantime, I choose to surrender the outcome and just send her love energy.

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