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Grateful JournalHelp! I can’t stop. I can’t stop being grateful. The book, Focus on the Good Stuff, said it would be difficult to come up with 100 things to be grateful about. I like a challenge, so I sat down this morning with a fresh journal covered in stars. Stars seemed appropriate for the “starring” things for which I’m grateful.

The first items on the list were obvious – my health, the ability to communicate, walk, talk, feel, etc. Ability to do things is often overlooked, but I’m grateful that I could recognize things to be grateful for. Oops, there I go again. You see, the longer the list became, the easier it was to recognize the little things.

But, I quickly reached 100, so I put the journal down and continued on with my day, which next up was reading the newspaper. Now, if you think this is counter productive, reading about all the bad in the world, it is really an opportunity to turn the bad around and find the good in your life. The article about mishaps in the hospital – I am grateful for skilled and competent professionals. The article about child abuse – I am grateful for being raised by loving and caring parents. You get the idea.

Just thinking about the gratefuls wasn’t enough. They had to be written down in order to count on the list. And just as I finish, I put the pen down to do something else, and this activity led to more items to add to the list. So now, I’m carrying my star journal around with me. If I don’t take the time to write the gratefuls down, they take over my mind, trying to be remembered. But the more I think of and write down, the more pop up. Which isn’t entirely bad.

If I can do 100 so easily, how about 1,000 or 10,000? Or how about an entire website with people around the world writing their gratefuls? Surely, this will help everyone feel better. I have to remind myself to take a breath. I am grateful for the pause. I am grateful for the ability to visualize in a big way. So, it is back to my star journal for me. What about you? What are you grateful for?

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