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Talking with Angels

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I’m a big believer in angels. I wasn’t always, but I have learned that angels can certainly make my life smoother. And it is nice to have “someone” to ask for help and guidance. For some reason, angels were a lot easier for me to accept than God. However, over time, I have been able to accept the concept of God, Spirit, Universal Energy, or whatever else you want to call it. Maybe angels are easier for you too.

It started as a search for a cure for headaches believe it or not. My naturopath said that he had taken me as far as he could at that time. My next level of healing would need to be on the emotional level, and he knew of a lady in California who was very intuitive and could get right to the issues. So, off we went.

The first time I met her, her assessment was right on target. As I lay on the massage table, I wasn’t expecting the answer she gave me. However, I knew on some level that she was correct. When she said, “to get rid of your headaches, you need to get rid of your husband,” my right hip spontaneously clicked into place. The muscles that had been holding this hip released and relaxed. The truth had been spoken.

This was weird, but none of the other headache remedies had worked long term, so I was willing to look at the possibility. The next eight months I vacillated between “she was right” and “she was wrong.” Until finally, it dawned on me that he had no interest in me. Every time I brought up the subject, he let me talk, but he never paid attention to me. Nothing changed. So, eventually, we decided to separate and then divorce.

But this angel stuff had me interested. How did she know this stuff? Could anyone talk to angels? How did you “talk” with them? How did you hear them? Who are the angels? Aren’t they busy with other more important people? Why did the angels reveal stuff piecemeal instead of the whole story at once? Could she really see them? Could I learn to see them?

So, I did what I do best. I researched. In the past few years, I have talked with a number of “angel therapists,” read a lot of books about it and even tried oracle cards. It has been an exciting journey from disbelief to total acceptance. I now talk with angels every day. The answers to the above questions could fill books. While I could answer all of them now, I’ll just touch on talking with angels. If you are so inclined, now is always a good time to start talking with them.

Let’s start at the end — how do you know if you are getting an angel answer? Some people see angels, others hear them, and still others feel their presence or even smell them. I happen to hear them as a loving voice in my head. I’ll ask a question, meditate (be quiet and breath), and then an answer will pop into my head. For some reason, I just know that this answer will work. Other times, the answer is shown to me through experiences and things that are brought into my life. The clue is to pay attention to what is coming into your life, including coincidences.

So, how do you ask for help? You ask politely for exactly what you want. But be aware of what you are asking for, as you just might get it. I asked the angels to help me be a healthy size 10 on my birthday. I was so excited when my size 12 clothes were loose. I was a 10 (a tight 10, but a 10) on the day. Two weeks later, I was back to a 12. Shoshi laughed and said, “But you asked to be a size 10 on your birthday. And you were.” The angels gave me exactly what I had asked for.

Communicating with angels can be through thinking, speaking, or writing. The clue is to really feel what you are asking for, because the more you feel it, the stronger the message is.

In addition, don’t tell the angels how to do their work. Ask, then get out of the way and let them figure out how it will be accomplished. If you could have figured it out, you would have done so, and not needed to ask. Very often, the solution the angels come up with is better than one you could have devised.

Often, when I’m unclear on what to do, I ask an open-ended question. “Angels, please give me a sign about what to do about xyz. Please make it very clear and recognizable.” Sometimes, I even add, “Please make it so clear that I would have to trip over it if I missed it.” Then when the sign appears, I am sure to thank the angels for their help. The sign could be someone saying something, a word that keeps popping up, something that could be considered a coincidence or really anything as long as you recognize it as an answer to your request.

For example, I was contemplating visiting another “angel therapist” in Santa Fe, New Mexico. So, I asked the angels for a sign about what I should do. In the next half hour, while driving, I saw the name Santa Fe on the back of at least five different cars. I didn’t even know there was a car model named Santa Fe. Ok angels, I got the message. I went to Santa Fe and have been there many times since. It was definitely the right thing to do.

Here is a handy little trick when asking for help to get somewhere on time. When I first learned this technique, I was running very late for a dinner date in downtown Chicago. From my home, the drive on a Friday afternoon can take up to two hours during rush hour. So, I thought, “What did I have to lose by trying this out?” I asked Archangel Merlyn to help me be downtown by 5:45 pm, which was only 45 minutes away. Merlyn warped time and made cars disappear, or so it seemed. I made it downtown, without speeding, exactly on time. This was enough proof for me. I was a believer in asking the angels for help.

By the way, I still get headaches. But I get a lot fewer. It is comforting for me to know that the angels are there to help me at a moment’s request. Maybe just the comfort feeling is enough to ease my stress and thus reduce my headaches. But no matter what the reason, I’ll continue to partner with the Angels.

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