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False Beliefs

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Our subconscious minds are littered with false beliefs that then control our lives. These false beliefs are things that we believe to be true, when in fact they aren’t or need not be true. For example, a false belief that I held was that work is hard. When in reality my thinking that it was hard is exactly what made it hard. I attracted ways to make it so. After all, my subconscious mind doesn’t want me to be a liar, so it provides the situations that will reinforce that belief. But once I let that false belief go, I started to attract more situations that allowed me to believe that work is fun and invigorating. More positive comments and opportunities have come my way to help support my work and as an added bonus, I feel better about it and accomplish it more easily. I actually look forward to it because it is fun.

The question is “How do we identify what our false beliefs are?” The simple answer is to open your eyes, ears, mind and heart to what is already there. It is sort of like a mystery tour of your subconscious. You see it so often, that you no longer see it. Looking at the obvious can be more difficult than looking at something brand new.

Sometimes within our normal talking, we tell ourselves and the world a certain belief. However, if we were to actually think about what we were saying, we would realize that we don’t really want that to be our reality. Let’s take the phrase “I’m always late.” If you actually believe this, then the Universe will line up to make this true. Thus your words and thoughts will make this a reality for you – even if you don’t want it to be your reality.

Let’s take another example. I used to believe that if I went to bed after midnight, then I would have a headache the next day. So, my reality was that if I went to be at 11:59, I wouldn’t have a headache in the morning. However, if I went to bed at 12:01, I would. You can see how ridiculous this belief was.

Luckily, I didn’t have a lot of emotion behind that belief. And once I had the “a-ha” moment and realized what I was saying, I was able to laugh it off and let it go. But when things have emotions behind them, the emotions are serving a purpose by supporting that belief. So, letting the belief go, may be more involved.

For an indication of some of your beliefs, take a look at the t-shirts and bumper stickers around you. Do you really want these sayings to be your reality? “Next mood swing, 6 minutes,” “I don’t do mornings,” or “A husband is the only one of your children that does not grow up and move away.” You can see that while these may be humorous, you probably don’t want them to come true in your life. Yet, by reading the belief, saying it, and wearing it every time you wear the t-shirt, you are attracting the belief into your reality.

So, now that you have identified a false belief, what do you do about it? The first thing is to stop saying it. Even stop thinking it if you can. At least you won’t be perpetuating it. The second thing is to let it go. “Could I allow myself to let go of (whatever the belief is)?” This question may have to be repeated until you actually believe it. (For more in depth on this see releasetechnique.com or sedonamethod.com.)

The final step is to change your point of view. Replace the false belief with what you want the new belief to be. State it in the positive and treat it as if it already exists (versus something in the future, which by design must always stay in the future, so you’ll never have it). “Could I allow myself to (state the new belief you want)?”

When I first heard this, I didn’t believe it, but the more I’ve used it, the more I see how it really does work. Here are a few examples:

I’m always late —- becomes —- I’m exactly on time.

I get a headache if I go to bed after midnight —- becomes —- I awake feeling rested and peaceful.

I’ll never be able to do “it” —- becomes —- “I’ll be able to do “it” with ease and grace.

This change in your outlook is only a decision that you decide to do. But the result of that decision will pay in dividends of better feelings. The decision to do it is easy. Go on that mystery tour of your subconscious. Have fun finding the false beliefs and making your reality what you truly want in your life. After all, it is your life and you are allowed to think what you want.

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