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Are you willing to be a prostitute?  Yes.  Are you willing to be a coal miner?  Yes.  Are you willing to be a corporate CEO?  Woah.  Wait a minute.  My chest and throat tightened.  Really?  I’m not willing to be a corporate CEO, and I’m willing to be a prostitute?  I just laughed as I drove down the highway.

What is so important about clearing resistance?

In the Dream Creation with Joy workshops, I talk about resistance and how if we resist something we have to constantly be aware that it’s there so that we can be sure we avoid it.  That translates to it always has to be there, which is sort of the opposite of being free of it and able to move around with total freedom (not even having to be aware of it).

This total freedom gives true choice because we aren’t pushing against something. And just because you are willing doesn’t mean you have to choose it.

So, what does this have to do with being a prostitute?  A coal miner?  A corporate CEO?  When I think of each of them, a feeling pops up in my body.  If the feeling is flat, then I know I don’t have a reaction to it.  If the feeling is tight and constricting, I know that I have a resistance to the idea.

Since I’d already neutralized my feelings about being a prostitute, I wasn’t surprised that I felt nothing.  (Although the first time I asked myself, I had a lot of tightness to clear.)  Yesterday, I started asking myself, “What other professions might I ask about?”  Coal miner popped into my head.  No reaction. I was neutral.  Then corporate CEO popped into my head, and my body immediately contracted.

Here I was starting a new direction (Create Dreams with Joy) in my company and being the CEO, and at the same time, I was resisting being a CEO.  Talk about messing up my own dream!

My own feelings were fighting against my desires.  No wonder I was having difficulty moving forward…both with the company and with my literal walking.  My hip, which had been hurting for months, eased up. The realization that this was the conflict within my body holding me back, coupled with some clearing opened the way to allow for something better.

What new opportunities popped up?

Once you lose the resistance, new opportunities or ideas pop up.  It’s your choice if you follow these.  And since I let go of the conflict about being a corporate CEO 24 hours ago:

  • The cranial sacral that I had done yesterday worked (and it unwound some of the hip pattern that had been stuck and hadn’t released in other sessions).
  • The Audible book I listened to led to some really great realizations, including that my congestion and cough were connected to a congestion in my life…my words…and I need to be writing, speaking, teaching, coaching more.
  • An unexpected coaching session with my daughter happened.
  • A business magazine that I’d bought and had been sitting on the counter for two weeks “called out to me” to be read, and I read some interesting articles.
  • This article idea popped in my head and instead of writing down notes and coming back to it…maybe…I got right to it.


And most importantly, I didn’t have a resistance to any of these as I would have in the past.  Each “thing” was just a “thing.”  It’s sort of like the puzzle pieces of my company (which had been hazy) are clearer and coming together in a new way and forming a picture better than I could have imagined.  I wonder (with excitement and enthusiasm) what the whole picture will look like and what opportunities will appear?

Clearing Technique

Are you wondering how to clear those pesky contractions?  Here are two methods that are very easy and effective.

Willingness:  Are you willing?  It’s that simple.

Ask, “Am I willing to let go of whatever this is about?”  Then answer, “Yes.” Don’t worry about identifying it.  Simply asking the question opens the door and allows the feelings to move.  You may have to ask the question a few times to let all of the feelings move out.

Cosmic Toilet:  This is a favorite of my dream creator clients.  Imagine collecting handfuls of the tight feelings, pulling them out of your body and dumping them in the cosmic toilet.  Then, flush them away.  Keep doing this until you felt less constricted. Do it every time a constriction pops in to your awareness.  You can even add hand motions to give the clearing more umph.

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