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I’m still mulling over the concept of doing what I want versus doing what makes me feel good. It seems to swirl around my mind as I go about my day. But, this morning, the Universe brought an answer to me while I was researching an unrelated topic on the web. That’s how the Universe works. It gives you clues and guidance through everyday things — if you are paying attention to the clues. I think that when a single concept or solution keeps appearing, then that is usually something to pay attention to. Of course, since this topic was on my mind, I’m more sensitive to the different messages that come my way which may impact it.

So, what was the answer? Bring more joy into my life. It is really very simple. Do more of the things that I enjoy. And if there is something that I need/should/want to do, but don’t enjoy, then find a way to enjoy it. Or if it isn’t that important for me to do, then don’t do it. Give it to the universe.

This sounds simple, and it is, once you get in the swing of things. Take a simple task like fixing dinner – okay, maybe it isn’t so simple. But, it is something that most of us need to do from time to time. One summer, each of the kids had a night to cook dinner. (It was their choice of what to cook as long as people could eat it and it had a vegetable.) The boys cooked their meals the first week, and they were fine, but nothing exciting.

Well, Shoshi was not about to cook dinner, yet she was still responsible for it. (And ordering in wasn’t acceptable.) She wasn’t worried, as she is the Queen of Delegating. At five o’clock one friend came in the kitchen, followed by five others within the hour. Everyone was delegated a task to contribute to dinner and Shoshi supervised. That night, the table was full of food, friends, family and fun. It was a great success, and the goal, dinner, was accomplished. Shoshi had taken something that she didn’t want to do and turned it into something that was fun and enjoyable for all.

Sometimes, we need to push ourselves in the right direction to find our joy. The initial steps are hard or we have some belief that makes it hard. For me, I love to write, however, getting my butt in the chair is the hardest part. Once, I do that, I’m usually happy.

For others, a nudge is helpful. JT was unhappy, but not sure how to change it. Well, I gave him the nudge – no allowance would be given that summer unless, he opted for summer school and lots of it, which I knew he wouldn’t choose OR if he got a job, I’d match his salary. Little did I know that he would clean pools for 60 hours a week, loving every minute of it. He found that he loves work – or at least physical labor. Helping him discover his joy was the best money that I ever spent.

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