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If you were to do something kind today, what might that be?

Did you feel your body ease up just a bit? Just thinking of doing something kind brings ease into your life experience. Imagine if you actually did do something kind. Now, imagine if you did many kind things all in one day. Doesn’t that feel yummy?

Kindness is a high vibe. It’s a living, breathing vibration. If you ever need to raise your vibration (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t), it only takes moments to be kind. Whether it’s writing a thank you note, opening a door for someone, sharing a smile, giving a helping hand, or simply speaking in a kind way, you will do more than help someone. Your personal vibration will benefit as well and your vibration will rise, which will in turn bring more ease into your life (as well as help whomever you were kind to). And did you know, if your vibration goes up, then you are helping to raise the vibration of others in the world?

After all, kindness is infectious. And it begins with you…or ends with you. For today, set the intention to be kind. Don’t worry about when the opportunities show up or even how they show up. Just know that you will have many opportunities to be kind. And when an opportunity pops up, it’s up to you to take advantage of it. (This is the inspired action.)

Now, imagine all the people, animals, and things that will benefit from your kindness. What do their faces look like? What might they do to continue this chain of kindness? What if it was like a domino effect and your kindness is the first in the chain? What would the world be like if we were all kind to each other?

And oh my gosh, what if you were the person who started this domino effect with your act of kindness? You could be the one to save the world. Or at least you could be the one to save someone’s personal experience of the world. At the very least, you will be changing your own personal experience and by doing so, you will have an impact on everyone you come in contact with.

If you need a boost to feel kind, take a few minutes to watch some videos about kindness on YouTube. Or listen to a TED Talks about kindness. Or just open your eyes and notice what can be done…and then do it. Take an action. This one action will lead to something more.

Remember, it begins with you…and the choices you make.

So, what will you do today to be kind?

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