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And the Result Is…

If I knew the end result, what might that be?  In other words, what would I like to get out of this?

I thought about this as I lay down on the massage table.  An image of my spine unwinding floated through my mind.  “Sounds good.  I’ll take it.” After all, my low back has been hurting lately, like for the past six months.  Nothing that I knew how to do seemed to be working and sitting in the bleachers at the car races wasn’t helping any.  Maybe this new therapist, in Anderson, Indiana, who I found on the internet, would be able to ease the muscle tension.

Almost immediately, I noticed the energy swirling and was fascinated as I watched it unwind on the ceiling of the room.  Interestingly, when the therapist entered the room, she had the same intention for the massage.  We were on the same wavelength.

As she touched my spine, she said that spines are about betrayal.  “Who betrayed you?”  I thought of my ex-husband.  It would have been nice if he’d been faithful.  I thought of my dad.  It would have been nice if he had more compassion as a dad “should.”  That “should” made me realized that both of these “betrayals” were my expectations.  Interesting.

Then came the mind-blowing question.  “Where did you betray yourself?”  I’d forgotten to look within myself.  But this made perfect sense.  I’d been twisting myself up in knots, thus my twisted spine.  I was betraying myself by not being who I truly was deep inside: a researcher, writer, coach, and teacher.  I’d been doing a little bit of it, but I hadn’t been following the nudges from the Universe and now it was screaming at me (the pain in my body).  It was time to step up and be me (and I’ve had a great time as I taught four workshops this week).

Amazingly, after the insight, I felt better and was able to sit for the next three nights of racing with almost no back pain.  (There is a lot of car racing on small tracks in Indiana.)

And that wasn’t all.  The unwinding continued.  A few days later, I went to a chiropractor, where he did a deeper than usual adjustment on my low back.  He also told me that I needed to be taking a supplement to support my ligaments.  Apparently, I needed nine per day and not the two I’d been taking.  And it’s made a difference.  All of it.

As for listening to the Universe, I had the idea for this article at 12 in the afternoon, took notes and intended to write it later.  Well, the Universe woke me at three in the morning to write.  The nudge was a bit stronger.  I didn’t need it to be any stronger, so I got up and wrote.

How does this work?  I didn’t plan each step.  I asked myself what end result I’d like to have happen, and then I let the Universe guide me.  My job was to follow the inspired actions also known as whispers from the Universe.  Imagine the Universe whispering, “I hear you’d like to have _________.  Follow me. I know the way.”

Of course, once you ask, be ready to receive by following the inspired actions.  And if you don’t hear the whisper, the Universe will talk a little louder.  Still not listening?  Maybe it will shout.  And if you still aren’t listening and following the inspired actions, the Universe will eventually hit you upside the head with a fry pan to get you to pay attention.

I’ve had experience with the whisper, the fry pan and everything in between.  Personally, I prefer to follow the whisper.  It hurts a lot less.

This will work for you also.  Ask yourself: “What end result you would like to have?” This is your desire.  Then notice what shows up and follow the inspired actions as you become aware of them.  It’s really that simple.

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