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Create Dreams with Joy!Quite a few years ago I noticed that some of the “projects” I’d done had seemed to click along almost as if they were blessed. From conception to completion, the next steps were laid out in front of me and seemed so obvious that each of the projects rolled forth effortlessly.

Don’t get me wrong. There was so called “work” involved with lots of steps that needed me to take actions. The effortless part was a sense of knowing that the next steps were the ones that “worked” to create my desires and if I followed them, my dream would become a reality.

Take the time I decided to go to graduate school and become a teacher…with the certainty that I would have a teaching job in eight months…and did, even though my undergraduate degree was business. Or when I found a house to buy…and oh by the way, it required a MAJOR rehab, not something I’d normally do. Or when I went on a man hunt and my husband literally walked up to me as I sat with friends on the Lido Deck of a cruise ship.

What made these projects work?
What was it about other projects that didn’t work in this way and seemed as if I was dragging the project to completion sometimes giving up along the way?
What was happening that some projects seemed effortless?
Was the process reproducible?
Could every dream, hope, desire and wish be created this way?

The questions swirled in my head. My curiosity was peaked. My search for answers began.

And what I found was so simple. Yes, there is a difference. Yes, it’s reproducible. Yes, many dreams, hopes, desires and wishes (if not all) can be created this way. And yes, it can feel effortless.

Thus, Create Dreams with Joy was born.

After years of research, experimentation and new insights, I discovered a simple process that has worked for myself and others. If you follow it, your dreams will come true also.

What is it?

It’s the difference between what works and what doesn’t work.

Here is what some of my clients have said about it:

CC: “My dream came true because of your workshop. I now have the man of my dreams and the love I was searching for.”

SH: “Before I headed to NYC for a conference I worked with Judith to make some intentions for the trip. She told me to listen to my gut, make intentions, and follow my inspired actions no matter where they might lead me.

I told her I wanted to have some fun in NYC but I was there for work and really only had evenings available but those were to be spent visiting with my good friend and family who lives there. I was bummed there wouldn’t be time to take in a Broadway show as I always love to do.

As I walked up to the conference I noticed that it was located right next door to the theater where the Divine Miss M (Bette Midler) was starring in Hello Dolly with David Hyde Pierce on Broadway. I was dying to see it but I knew it was sold out for the run of the show plus I had dinner plans for that night anyway. However, I felt an enormous amount of energy pulling me toward the theater so I walked up to the box office. The guy in the ticket window smiled and said he had two 3rd row tickets just turned in and available for that night! I could immediately feel my energy increase as I paid for the tickets, I knew it was meant to be.

It was an unforgettable show and a high vibration night that I never would have had if I didn’t take Judith’s advice and follow the energy.”

Join me on this journey to create your dreams. Learn what it takes to begin to live your life completely, creating what you only imagined. What are the dreams you hold inside? Let me help you start on your path. Contact me at to inquire about my FREE Create Dreams with Joy workshops.

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