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Celebrate Your LifeThis weekend was filled with lots of learning…the best type of weekend for me.  Celebrate Your Life* was in Chicago and I would like to share a tidbit of what I learned.  Below are the speakers I heard and something that they said that grabbed my attention.

I’m always open and willing to look at things through a new lens.  This new perspective may open a possibility that was previously hidden from insight. 

Perhaps one of these tidbits will be just what you need to hear today.

John Holland:

Who do you admire?  What do you admire about that person?
Who admires you?  What do they admire about you?
Very often what you admire in others is what others admire in you.

Live into the answer.

Colette Baron-Reid:

You create your own reality within the reality of the whole.

Surrender means to let go of certainty.  Let the Universe work for you.

Panache Desai:

We are God having a human experience.  (This blew my mind.  For the first time I could see how we are all one.)

You are the source of everything…because you are God.  You are health.  You are wealth.  And so on.  Therefore, you are the solution.

Neal Donald Walsch:

Take the way we now proceed in life and dismantle it.
Imagine a card deck as you operate in life.
To dismantle it, throw it in the air.
Create your life.
Pick up the cards in the order you choose to create the perfect playing hand.

What if every act was an act of love?  This applies even to the things we label as “mean or bad.”  The person performing the “mean or bad” act is willing to do it because he loves the idea he is defending.

Everyone’s life purpose is to learn to love.

Gregg Braden:

The better we know ourselves, the less we fear in the world, the less we fear one another, and the less we fear our own power.

The brain gets its instructions from the heart.  When the brain and heart work together, all systems benefit, and you have access to intuition, a powerful way to self regulate.

Lisa Nichols:

“Everything I want will be born out of gratitude.”

“I am able to fly because I’m willing to fall (and trust that I’ll be able to get up.)”

Robert Ohotto:

You are a co-creator in your life.  Own the power you do have.

The word “should” is a flag that signals when or where you are against yourself.

There is no best life.  There is the one you’ve got.

Did one of these tidbits speak to your soul?
Did one make your insides shout YES!
If so, what would it take to incorporate that wisdom into your life today?

(Keep an eye out for future blogs expounding on some of these thoughts.)

*Thank you to Liz Dawn and her crew at Mishka Productions for putting together this fabulous conference.

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