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The Kindling of ChangeA bird’s nest tucked within an outside light fixture on the garage. Kindling waiting for the moment to arrive. And it did…at 1:30 in the morning.

My best friend awoke to her bedroom windows glowing red. Confused by sleep, her first thoughts were the police must be on the street. She closed her eyes attempting to sleep. Her subconscious kept nudging her that it was something else. Within minutes, perhaps even moments, she was rushing out of the house with her grown son and dog. The house was a total loss. Did you know that a fire doubles every 30 seconds?

This happened Saturday morning. For real.

What can we learn from it?

Follow your inner voice. (Wake up.)
Pay attention to the signs. (Notice what is around you.)
Listen to your intuition. (Trust your inner voice.)
Take inspired action. (Leave the house.)
Change your perspective. (What is fabulous about this?)

Wait a minute. What is fabulous about this? This is a tragedy. We should be sad and shocked. Yes. These are very real feelings, but the sooner you can change your perspective, the sooner you can move through the feelings. You don’t have to feel them for the rest of your life. And once you can let go of the feelings and move through them, you have different choices and can take different actions.

Even as I write this, I can feel the shock and disbelief. Each time I feel them, I continue to clear any sensations that I’m experiencing. Here are two ways you can clear your feelings…

  1. Ask yourself, “Am I willing to release and let go of these sensations I’m experiencing?” Then say, “YES!” This may have to be done repeatedly. (By the way, use whatever “letting go” words that work for you, such as: dissolve, destroy and uncreate, neutralize, invert, harmonize, incinerate, etc.)
  2. Ask yourself, “Whatever I’m feeling, is this mine?” If the answer is no (and most feelings we are picking up from others), say, “Be gone!” You do not have to carry the feelings of others. It’s a choice to hang onto the feelings or let them go somewhere else where they are more useful.

And what was my friend’s fabulous? She and her fiancée are building a new home. I’m not even sure it has walls yet. However, when I asked her what her fabulous was, she could immediately say, “I’ll get to buy new furniture for the new house.” When I talked with her later in the day, she could also acknowledge the Universe was nudging her toward getting married sooner rather than later. Neither of which she could have seen if we hadn’t asked the question. And since we have asked this question many times over the years, she could shift gears easily.

Is she still in shock? Yes. But she is moving through it.

What else can we learn from this experience? Clear the bird’s nest from the light fixture. Now!

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