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Setting Intentions - A Valuable Gift to Share!This week I celebrated my birthday. On my birthday, I took a look back at the intentions that my friends had set for me last year. It was a nice reflection of what I have accomplished and what my friends had expressed. You can see how I did by checking out my Birthday Intentions blog on my website at

Setting your intention and focusing on your true desires is a valuable exercise. When you meditate, interesting things can happen. Words can keep popping up that are unexpected. For me, while meditating, the word that kept popping up was enthusiasm. So, I went with that. I trusted what showed up was valuable.

If you haven’t done your intentions and true desires yet, please take the time to do so. Building on these intentions and true desires, the next step is to pick something you are doing, such as a future activity. Go through the entire intention process with the single focus on the future activity. Be sure to include as many aspects of the meeting (or whatever you are focusing on).

  1. Choose one activity you are preparing to do. (Perhaps it’s as simple as brushing your teeth.)
  2. Write your intentions for that activity.
  3. Get down to your true desire by distilling your intentions into the sensations you hope to have when you have your intention fulfilled.
  4. Write the rules that will guide you. (Know that you can write the rules for your life.  For example, one of my rules is that everyone will benefit from each session I do.)
  5. Ask yourself, “What can I do now that needs to be done before the activity?”
  6. If you can do it, do it.  If not, what is in the way?  What will it take to let go of whatever is in the way?  Are you willing to do that?
  7. What are your objectives for that activity?
  8. What questions do you need to ask to have a better outcome?
  9. Keep asking yourself questions until you are feeling closer and closer to your initial true desire.
  10. Then do the activity. (Or perhaps you may decide not to do it.  The choice is yours.)

Perhaps the next thing you are planning is your bedtime routine or you are fixing dinner or helping your kids with their homework. Take the time to set your intentions so that you are clear on why you are doing something and what your motivation truly is.

The more often you do this, the easier it is. And the more intentions you set, the more you will become aware. Have fun with this.


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