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Living in 5DIt was a brief thought that flitted through my daughter’s mind as we shopped for bathing suits. “Check Facebook.” Shoshi didn’t know what the connection was yet followed up with the inspired action. She pulled out her phone and checked. After all, we had just done some super powerful clearing about her following her intuition.

She saw the post from three minutes before. My best friend had posted that her house had caught fire and was a total loss.* Shopping was quickly forgotten as I called my friend to offer support and open my house and closet to her if she needed either, even though I was currently out of state.

Why do I write this? Two reasons.

First, because Shoshi and I had done clearing and releasing around her intuition being stronger, she could more easily notice when her intuition spoke to her. All we had done was clear away the smudge that was preventing her from recognizing it. The follow through was easy.

Second, I surprised myself. I immediately offered my house and whatever was in my closet. In the past, I would have picked and chosen what I could share. But this time, I knew in my heart that I was willing to give her anything from my closet. She didn’t even have to return it. I was totally happy to share everything. She chose not to take me up on the offer.

The amazing thing for me was that I recognized a growth within myself. It was an offer from the heart…without restrictions. Where did this come from?

I’ve been reading Waking Up in 5D, by Maureen St. Germain. In this book she talks about asking to live in 5D, the dimension of love. And my focus has been here. Every morning, I ask to live today in 5D and to experience heaven on earth for myself and everyone I come into contact with. It just feels really expansive. And now I can see how by asking this, it is playing out in my life with my heart opening even more, which is a really nice, warm, comforting feeling.

Are you ready to live your life from your heart? Let your intuition guide you into a life of 5D. Ask yourself, “Will this book (Waking Up in 5D) be a contribution to my life?” If it feels expansive, take the inspired action and order the book today. I highly recommend it. 5D living feels FANTASTIC.

*See Monday’s blog for more about the fire.

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