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Universe Box

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It’s a great day. What do you have planned for today? What is your intention? What is your true desire underneath your intention? Something fabulous I hope.

For me, my husband is coming home. He’s been away helping his father, who recently had surgery. Everything is healing nicely. And truth be told, I enjoy the times apart. Don’t get me wrong. I love my husband and enjoy our time together. On the other hand, I enjoy the times when we aren’t in each other’s back pockets.

Before we even dated, I knew that I wanted a man around…but not all the time. Having time for myself has always been important to me. So, how did I accomplish this?

A Universe Box. Simply put, it is a box…a physical box…that sits on my desk. Every once in a while, (if I did it more, it would be even better) I put my desire, intention or prayer in the box. Then I forget about it knowing that the Universe is working on it and I will have it. The box is a reminder to set the intention. The written intentions are a reminder to me (when I go back to read them) of what I asked for so that I can be aware of the journey of my dreams…from intention to how my dreams have been fulfilled.

Today, I looked in the Universe Box and realized that one of my dreams had been fulfilled and I hadn’t remembered even asking for it. It was a reminder to me that the Universe is working full time to give me what I’m asking for. All I have to do is ask…and then get out of the way.

The desire? Improve my relationship with my husband. You see, just after we got married, something shifted. I didn’t know what. I just knew that I wanted better. So, I wrote it in the Universe Box. Now, years later, I realize that we have a better relationship than ever before.

Did we do stuff during the past years to improve our relationship? Sure. But, if I hadn’t stated the desire, I might never have been on this path to a better relationship. And since I was clear on my desire, the Universe knew which experiences to bring to us so that we could have a better marriage.

Universe Box

Think of what you would like to have. What are your dreams? What desires are bubbling up within you? If you did set an intention, what might that be? If you had a prayer, what might that be? What do you hope will happen?

Write them on a piece of paper. (I use index cards. Some people use scraps of paper.)
The intention can be just a few words or a long prayer. The choice is yours. (Remember to state what you do desire instead of what you don’t. The Universe doesn’t hear the word “not.”)

Put the date somewhere on the paper. This is for future reference.

Put the paper in the Universe Box.

Have fun choosing and decorating your Universe Box. It will be on your desk, dresser, night stand or maybe even your kitchen counter for your whole family to use. But wherever you put it, please make it visible so you remember to fill it with your dreams, hopes, wishes and desires so that the Universe can get to work bringing them to you.

Now, it’s time for me to get ready for my dream to come true. I wonder how wonderful tonight will be when my husband and I unite again? What would it take to be even better than I ever imagined? I’ll write it down and put it in the Universe Box. Then, for sure, it will be great.

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