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Intentions To Desire

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Intentions to Desire…What does this mean for you?

I’m sure you’ve heard references about solar eclipses and transformation. In short, eclipses bring about change and some type of internal personal transformation associated with this change. But, did you know that you can also bring this change about anytime. To give this change some direction, ask yourself:

  • What am I ready to let go of?
  • What messages am I seeing or hearing in the world that are creating conflict in my inner being that are actually just pointing out something that I’m ready to let go of?
  • What change would I like to see in my life?
  • If I could change something, what might that be?


By asking yourself questions, you are creating some wiggle room. Keep the questions open ended at this point. Think of these as essays and not true/false questions. The answer may be one word, concept or an entire download of information. Just be open to what shows up.

That being said, a solar eclipse is a very good time to set your intentions. I’ve even read that the intentions set during the solar eclipse will manifest quickly. But again, from my viewpoint, it’s worth a try anytime. And after all, the clearer we are about our true desires, the more likely they will manifest.

Intention Sensation Manifestation:

  • You’ll need paper and pen (or pencil, crayon or marker…you get the idea). Write it down.
  • Write the following titles at the top of the page leaving room underneath each title to write your intentions:
    • Relationship
    • Family
    • Spiritual
    • Fun
    • Physical
    • Emotional
    • Financial
    • Work
    • Learn
  • You can add other headings if you desire.
  • Write your intentions for each heading.
  • If you have any “nots” of things you don’t want as an intention, be aware that the Universe doesn’t hear the word “not.” It will give you more of what it is you don’t desire. So, flip the “nots” to something that you truly desire. For example, “I don’t want headaches” can be flipped to “I intend to feel great and grab life with enthusiasm.”
  • Be wild and crazy in your desires. Something in the wild and crazy will open the doorway to something greater than you ever imagined.
  • Go back and decide what your underlying intentions are for each group of intentions. This is where you choose the emotions and feelings you hope to have by having your intentions come true. What feeling will you have WHEN you have your desires fulfilled?
  • Write these down.
  • Combine these underlying intentions and see where they can be combined. What are the similarities? Which ones stand out as what you are truly going for?
  • Think about the sensations your body will actually feel when you have these underlying intentions. Think in terms of body words and not emotions. For example, calm can be seen as stomach, head, shoulders and jaw unclenching and feeling like a wet noodle.
  • Boil down all the body sensations into three or four key words that will remind you of what you are actually, truly desiring…the feelings you are going after.
  • Meditate or sit quietly focusing on already feeling these true desires.


The important thing is to determine and focus on what you truly desire…the feelings your body is hoping to have when the intentions come true. This will allow your body to recognize that they are what you are after and experience the sensations in many different ways. This allows your intentions to be one way you experience the sensations. Not the only way.

So, just like an intention set during an eclipse, use this as an opportunity to create the change you desire. After all, the change is here. Are you willing to direct it to something even better?

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