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My anniversary was recently and that got me thinking…

When my husband and I got married, we chose fun as the feeling we wanted to experience during the wedding. Thus, while planning the wedding, we asked ourselves, “What would it take to make this party even more fun?” To us, fun is laughter, bubbly excitement, and pops of surprises. It just feels great and keeps everyone reaching for more.

We had lots of little mishaps during the planning. Others could have gotten down about it all and interpreted the signs as something negative. We just kept asking, “What would it take to make this even better?”

For example, the hotel had another wedding that same night and we were given the option of splitting up the party starting in one room and then moving to the dining room. We couldn’t move to the dining room until the other wedding was done with their cocktails because we would have to walk through their cocktail space. “What would it take to have this work in our favor and be more fun than we ever imagined?”

We started the night before the wedding with a family barbeque at home. Since one of my husband’s friends is a singer, he gave us our wedding gift…entertainment for the evening. He even wrote a song just for us. During the barbeque we had beer pong, the actual rehearsal, impromptu dancing, a great concert and lots of laughter. And it was the first time our families had met. Then we all took a bus to the hotel everyone was staying at (fun and safe).

The day of the wedding started with a swim for me so that I’d feel my best. After dressing in my red wedding dress (much more fun than the usual white ones), we had pictures. As family milled around talking and snacking, we broke off into groups for various pictures.

Then everyone went into the cocktail party. Yes, before the wedding we served cocktails and appetizers and had some games available to encourage people to interact. It didn’t really matter where we inserted the actual wedding. After all, the marriage (not the ceremony) is what is important and the rest is just a party. Then about an hour into the party my husband’s brother sang a song to invite the guests to the end of the room where the wedding was going to take place. People stood around, drinks in hand, as the actual wedding happened. And my husband even sang to me during the wedding. So romantic. (I had friends nudging their husbands saying, “You didn’t sing to me during our wedding.”)

As a group, we paraded to the dining room where people were greeted with delicious food (such as watermelon gazpacho…it’s more fun than a usual soup), great music (a list of pre-chosen songs that we knew would get people up and moving), and lots of dancing (the dance floor was filled the entire night). Even the cake topper was fun. It was a sprint car (like what my husband used to drive) with the two of us driving it. Then afterwards as we reviewed the photos from the photo booth, we realized that we had had wedding crashers. We were so excited.

The comment I heard over and over was that our wedding was the most fun they had had at a wedding. We accomplished our desire…fun (and we got married).

What we’d done at each step of the way was to keep feeding the feeling of fun. The object of feeding the feeling is to experience the sensation over and over. Touch the feeling as often as possible. It’s simple. Just stay focused on it.

Your True Desire: Feeding the Feeling

Ask yourself questions such as:
What would it take to feel _______(insert your true desire…the sensation) in this moment?
What would it take to feel _________ even more?
What would it take to change whatever I’m feeling right now into __________?
What would it take to feel even better than that?
What would it take to feel better than I ever imagined?

Once an idea pops up in your head (something that will lead you to feeling that true desire you are going for), go do it.

Keep your true desire in the forefront of your mind as you go through your day. By focusing on it, it will appear…probably in many different ways than you could ever have imagined instead of just the one way you initially chose as your first intention. It may not make sense. It may lead you down a different path. It may lead you to something even better than you ever imagined. And you get to feel the feeling over and over. That’s a win.

Sending you lots of fun today.

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