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Fields of Flowers

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One lovely Friday night, I had an amazing experience. My husband and I were invited to a friend’s apartment for a dinner party (translation: eight people gathering, laughing and eating together.) At the end of dinner, my friend said that she would like everyone to give an intention for the coming week, month or year.

Immediately, I thought of the things I’d like to do. Get my daughter successfully moved into her new home. Get a local Single Moms’ Success Club up and running. Help my son to find his happier self…hopefully before his November wedding. So this is what I shared.

But by the end of everyone giving their intentions, and my friend’s husband saying one last thing (after all as a minister, he has good things to share), I realized that the underlying theme of my intentions is to be and share love.

This insight was a game changer for me. Immediately, I relaxed. My shoulders came down from my ears. My insides uncurled. I could breathe easier. My jaw stopped clenching. What if all I had to do was focus on being and sharing love? I didn’t have to do x, y and z. All I had to do was be love. The rest will fall into place (and probably in a way that is better than if I tried to control it).

After all, what you focus on is what you get. So if I focus on being and sharing love, then the Universe will bring me experiences to match this vibration and suggestions for my next inspired actions.

By the time I got home, I had two phone calls from friends. One wanted to gift me tickets to a sold out concert one mile from my house. I hadn’t really talked to this friend in a good six months. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity, because we had other plans.

The other friend, wanted to get together and go walking. We ended up walking through fields of wild flowers overlooking the lake. It was beautiful. I could feel the love of the Universe all around us.

And that is how it works. Be the feeling. And the Universe will give you experiences to match that feeling.

Then, on a morning shortly after, I was reading The Wisdom and Teachings of Stephen R. Covey and one sentence popped out. “Love is a verb.” That means it is an action.

When I looked back on my intention, I realized that being and sharing are actions also. So, what does this mean? In short, if you desire to feel love, then you must be love. Do things like: empathize, appreciate, affirm, accept, serve, listen, and vibrate from the perspective of love (vs. doing something out of responsibility). Again, the Universe gave me more information to strengthen my intention of being and sharing love.

This led me to taking an inspired action…writing this. And as I finish, I can feel even more love. It’s amazing. I wonder how love will show up in my life today? I wonder what inspired action will be my next tiny step?

So for today’s higher vibration technique: Snuggle Love

This is an opportunity for you to experience love. If you have a baby available, snuggle it. Open your heart and feel the love expand within you and pour out of you into the baby. That’s it.

If you don’t have a baby available, try giving someone (maybe your kids) a really good, long hug. Settle into it and truly feel the sharing. You can even imagine your hearts beating together.

No kids available? Snuggle with a pet.

None of the above is available? Maybe you are on the bus or train to work and don’t really want to hug your seat mate. Simple solution: Think about hugging and snuggling someone. Imagine the action until you feel the love. Then keep giving the love. By giving, you will receive. (Remember, the body doesn’t know the difference between thinking and doing. It’s all real in your reality.)

Here is a challenge for you. Take time during the day and feel the snuggle love. How many times do you feel the love? Does the feeling get stronger? What changes in your day? Notice what is happening in you and around you. Something will be different.

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