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Gratitude, whether it is for something in the past, present or future is another way to raise your personal vibration. In fact, this was my daughter’s preferred method for lifting herself up from years of depression. She still says gratitude statements nightly.

One particular night comes to mind, as my daughter reflected on the events of her move earlier that day, I’m am sure she was saying them focused around her house, the ease of the move, the feelings of sanctuary, peace and calm, the number of people who showed up to help her, and many other things.

In fact, as she was getting nervous about the move, we did gratitude statements to calm her down. We simply sat at the kitchen table and started being grateful for everything that the move was going to be. Yes, we were grateful for the way things would turn out. We “looked into the future” and focused on being grateful for what we would like to see happen. Then we were grateful for them before they happened. We spoke them into being.

Personal Vibration Technique: Gratitude Setting

  • Look at the day ahead.
  • Imagine how you would like it to turn out.
  • Then say, “I am grateful for/that….” Simply complete the sentence with something you are grateful for about the day ahead.
  • Repeat over and over.

Important note: Keep your focus on what it is you desire to bring into your life and treat it as if it’s in the present moment and has already happened. Let go of what you don’t want to happen.

For example, let’s say your child was being bullied. You might want to say, “I’m grateful that the bully left my kid alone today.” Or “I’m grateful that the bully ‘got his’ today.” This is a limiting view and cuts off something even greater.

A stronger statement would be to put out there what it is you truly desire…for your child to be safe and happy. Thus, focus your gratitude statements on the true desire: safe and happy.
“I’m grateful that my child came home from school today safe, excited and happy.”

You will probably start with just saying the statements. That’s fine. However, keep going until you are actually feeling grateful. It’s the feeling (the vibration) that will pull more things into your life to match that feeling. So, what are you grateful for in this moment?

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