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What would it take to create this desire? Most people try to figure it out and follow the how-to steps they think it should be. A much easier way of living is to know your desire (intention) and then follow the inspired actions that the Universe presents to you. And of course, the higher your personal vibration is, the more easily your intentions will become your reality. Dream. Believe. Achieve.

Here is how it played out…At a recent class I taught, a woman came up to me after class and asked, “Is your husband Dr. Bruce?” I said yes because we had briefly talked about him in the class. Then she asked, “Dr. Bruce…With the burn cream?”

This was something I hadn’t mentioned. I knew there was a story here. It turned out that last summer my husband and I had had dinner with her friend, who then mentioned us to her. She wanted to meet me, but her friend pooh-poohed the idea. Even so, she set the intention to meet me.

And it happened. She was invited to a class I taught at Providence St. Mel. Not knowing the speaker was the “me” she was hoping to meet, she came because the class sounded interesting.

Very cool. She set the intention and let it play out however it was meant to play out.

And as for the burn cream…my husband invented and patented a burn cream that he subsequently used when he experienced 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns from the waist up. He used his cream and has no scaring. For more about his story, check out

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