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Future Becomes Reality

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The most amazing thing happened last night! A vision became real…in a totally different way than I thought it would.

You see, when I first started all this releasing and letting go stuff years ago, I cried when I stood in front of a small group of people (probably about 15) just because I had to stand there and talk. I could have just accepted this as my reality. Instead, I chose something else…to dig deep and let go of whatever feelings and sensations that weren’t working for me. At that point, I could picture just a little bit in front of me. I’ve gotten better over time. Last year, I decided I was ready for more.

I chose a really big dream…to see myself standing on a stage, in front of an audience with a sense of calm as they clapped enthusiastically. I changed my focus from how I was feeling in the moment to how I would feel in the future when my dream became true. I’ve been preparing for a time when I’m speaking to hundreds of people.

I’d periodically do a check in and place myself in front of a group of people. Last summer, I taught a class with ten women. I was sweating up a storm. Of course, it was summer. I could use that as an excuse, but I knew better since the air conditioning was on. But I’d survived talking in front of these women, and I was enthusiastic. Progress. So, I kept releasing and letting go of more layers.

Long story short, the world mirrors back to me what the next topic to neutralize is. Being ignored kept popping up in multiple situations. Well, this wasn’t working for me anymore. I was ready to remove being ignored from my reality. It was time to let this one go…FOREVER!

And the results were fantastic. Friday night, I released on being ignored, ignoring myself, being embarrassed and more. Saturday morning, the subject of self-confidence came up a few times. I released on that. Saturday night, Bruce and I went to a charity dinner that had an entertainer that I’d felt compelled to see. And here is where my vision came true.

The entertainer (Sidney Friedman, a mentalist who is very good) threw a stuffed duck into the audience. It was thrown around the audience three times and landed just behind me and scooted under my seat. My husband picked it up and handed it to me. I was “chosen” to go on stage in front of about 300 people.

I did a quick check in with my feelings. I was calm…and a bit excited. So, I went up on stage. What happened to being ignored? I guess I’m done with it. I felt confident. I was all smiles even though I was in front of a lot of people. I wasn’t embarrassed, even though I was slightly overdressed. I was confident with my voice as I spoke clearly into the microphone. The mentalist even confirmed that I was planning a big project, looking toward the future and focused on love.

It wasn’t until I was on stage helping the mentalist with his act that it occurred to me that I was looking out at an audience as they clapped, and I was calm and smiling. This was exactly what I’d been visualizing. The Universe was showing me that I could do it.

It didn’t bother me at all that the audience wasn’t clapping for me. I know that this is just a step toward the fulfillment of my dreams. More is in my future. After all, I’m visualizing my future with the feelings attached and letting go of anything that doesn’t match that.

Who would have thought that going to see an entertainer would bring me closer to my dreams?

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