The House of Personal Responsibility

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The House of Personal Responsibility

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Personal responsibility is one of the main tenets of life. How you respond before, during and after an event is entirely up to you.

Something about tenet of life and tenant living in a building. The soul is living within your body. The body houses the soul and as such you, as the soul, needs a contract with the body. How you choose to live is dictated by you.

Think of it this way. You choose a house to live in. For the purposes of this example, you own the space. What you do within the house is entirely up to you. You can follow the rules set up by the house or you can choose not to.

The house has walls of some sort. Your house may be different from your neighbors. But in the end there is some structure that dictates where your house begins and ends.

What you choose to do within the walls of your house is up to you.

This is where the good stuff starts…

A house is born. Built from conception until each piece is in place. It began with a dream. Someone dreamed, lit the spark of creation and started the ball rolling. The house is the outward realization of that dream. Either this person or someone else drew up the plans. Labored over the changes to be made. Chose the building site (or perhaps the building site was found first). Selected the raw materials. Converted the raw materials into the creation now known as a house. Everything carefully chosen…the layout, the light admitted, the countertops, the cabinets, the woodworking, the air flow, the flooring and so on. And then smiled as it was done. What once was a dream is now a reality.

Just as the person with the initial idea for the house can choose to live in the house he sparked into creation, he can also sell or rent it to someone else. He can even buy the house of his imagination, that someone else built. Possibilities abound.

In the beginning, it began with a dream. A vision. And so does everything in your life. Your job is to dream. To light the spark of creation. No one can do it for you. You and you alone have this job for your entire lifetime. It’s your life. You are the only one living it. It’s your responsibility. Yes, you have a personal responsibility to live your life. And by extension, this personal responsibility plays a role in every choice you make. For it is these choices that form the fabric of your life. Each choice is a part of the whole you are creating…a part of you. And as such, the choices you make lead to more possibilities.

When the creator of the dream house began, he didn’t rush out and grab the first pieces of wood he found and throw them together expecting the house to build itself. The dreamer began with an idea. Sat with the idea and felt what the house would be like. He built it with his imagination and feelings. Perhaps he knew where the walls should be and committed them to paper. Or perhaps after drawing them, he “felt” or sensed that something else was better. He then picked up the eraser and redrew them in their new position. This trial and error approach was followed until the plans were completed. The house still wasn’t built, but it was started. It moved from dream to paper. Readjusted until it felt right.

We’ve all had the experience of doing something, sensing that it’s not exactly “right” and then redoing it. The rightness is only a feeling that then leads to the next action. Right isn’t a judgment of right or wrong. It’s a sense that something can be different until it matches the feeling of the dream.

Every choice is compared to the feeling one is going for. When building a house, the dreamer may have chosen the feelings associated with grandeur, coziness, efficiency, or durability. A house that is to be seen as grand may have marble flooring, large rooms, crystal chandeliers, and intricate woodworking. On the other hand, a house that is efficient may have boxy rooms, with concrete walls and floors. Both are houses, but it was the feeling that was dreamed of that influences the choices made.

The same is true of your life. The feelings you choose for your dreams influence the choices you make. It’s up to you. It’s your personal responsibility.

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