Choosing to Let Go – Creating a Magical Year

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Choosing to Let Go – Creating a Magical Year

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Feelings and body sensations are inevitable.
Holding onto them is optional.

Many people don’t realize that holding onto a feeling is a choice. And the exciting thing about
it being a choice, is that you can make a new choice. You can choose to let the feeling go.

It’s that simple. Here are three quick ways to let go (depending upon your learning style).

For the auditory learner: (If you learn best through listening, this is for you…even if you are the one talking and then listening.) Ask yourself a question: “Whatever this feeling is, am I willing to release and let it go forever?” The answer is either yes or no.

Saying “yes” gives yourself permission to let the sensation go and gives it the wiggle room for
your body to feel something different. You don’t have to do anything other than be willing to
let it go. Your body will do as you ask.

On the other hand, if your answer is “no,” the sensation is an advantage to you in some way, so
you might as well grow the feeling. That is until you choose to let it go.

For the visual learner: (Do you learn better through pictures?) Picture the feeling as something within you. Try smoke, butterflies, fireworks, or something else. Open your body (by visualizing you opening a window, in your chest for example). Then, give the smoke (or other visual) permission to leave your body. Keep watching it leave until you have a big sigh or another feeling of lightness. You aren’t done yet. Fill the empty space with love. A good way to do this is to picture love as ruby red. All you have to do is imagine the outcome you desire.

For the kinesthetic learner: (This is for the people who like some action or movement when they do something.) Imagine you are holding a giant eraser in your hand. Now move your hand as if you are erasing the sensation as if it’s on a chalk board.

How do you know if you are done? Your body will give you a signal. The sensation will decrease
and become less intense. You may even yawn, cough or sigh. Over time, you will learn the sign
that indicates that the energy has shifted.

Remember, life is filled with choices… including the choice to feel something different by
releasing a sensation in your body. The hardest thing to do, is to remember to do it.

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