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Eclipse Headaches ExplainedHeadache during the eclipse? Me too. Yesterday, many people felt a headache before, during or after the eclipse. I was one of them. In fact, I noticed that during the height of the eclipse the headache got more intense. I didn’t think anything of it because I get a lot of headaches…until I read on the internet that others felt it also. People were attributing it to going from the bright sun into the darker rooms after the eclipse.

But what if it was something else?

Here’s my take as an energy healer and consciousness transformation coach and author. An eclipse brings about some interesting changes within each one of us. A big theme is revelation. Some kind of personal transformation occurs in relationship to that change and this leads to a change in your outer world.

In short, you will have an insight or big reveal. This is an ah-ha moment for you. Something that was hidden is revealed. The ah-ha moment can occur during the days before or after the eclipse as well.

Your mind may be excited about this reveal, as mine was, but your body could react differently. The body tries to protect the homeostasis. It wants to keep things the same, because in sameness the body feels “safe.” It knows what to expect. It is comfortable with the habitual behavior it was doing.

Now, with the eclipse, a change (the ah-ha moment) was introduced. The body views this change as a threat and tries to hold things together, keeping things the way they were. This holding together feeling can be the experience of the headache. Think of someone putting their hands on your head and squeezing holding your head together and not allowing it to move.

Don’t worry. It’s not bad. It’s just your body letting you know that your physical body has a reaction to you expanding into your best self. It’s your choice what you choose to do with this information. For myself, I notice the headache and ask myself questions such as, “What is my body ‘saving me’ from?” “What message is my body resisting or reacting to?”

The good news is that this is just a message that your body is having a reaction to a thought or feeling.

Therefore, it’s time to celebrate the headache. It was just your body talking to you. So, the next time you feel a pain, ask yourself, “What message is my body trying to tell me?”

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