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Congratulations. You’ve had some positive changes in your life. Perhaps you’ve gotten engaged, bought a house, gotten a promotion, moved in with your loved one, or gotten married. Or have you done all of these within one year?

These are all good things that are happening in your life, so what is blocking the exuberance you were expecting to feel? On the outside, everything looks great. Life is moving forward at warp speed. Forward is good. Right?

That’s what we’ve been taught. However, the reality seems somewhat different. With each change that happens, a little bit of you on the inside is freaking out. This freak out can feel like fear or excitement, and either is fine. What’s not fine is when it’s more than a feeling and gets stuck somewhere in your body.

Why does this happen? It’s simple. Your body is comfortable until it’s not. Change, no matter if it’s positive or negative, is what kicks your body into something new that your body reads as uncomfortable. That’s all it is. Something new equals a new feeling, which equals an uncomfortable feeling only because it’s new and you aren’t used to it yet.

If one or two new things happen, given time you can adjust (and generally with ease). However, when multiple things happen with relatively little time between them, your body can feel overwhelmed. It’s this overwhelmed feeling that feels uncomfortable and getting in the way of you enjoying your new successes.

An interesting thing happens when it’s feeling something. It doesn’t know if the feeling is old or new. It just feels something. If you can neutralize the feeling and take off the push-pull power that it seems to have, then you will have more ease and awareness in your life. This will leave you better able to steer your life in the direction you desire, without anxiety and depression tagging along.

How is it done? NANANA…Notice, Ask, Notice, Ask, Notice, Ask
1. Notice the feeling in your body. All you need to do is notice. You don’t need to analyze what
is happening (although this is an entertaining activity).
2. Ask yourself, “Am I willing to release and let go of this sensation forever?”
3. Notice as the feeling changes. If you answer yes, you will feel a lightening or expansion within
yourself. If you answer no, remind yourself that all you are doing is giving your body
permission to release it’s grip on this sensation. You don’t have to choose it, but the
possibility is there to do so.
4. Ask yourself, “Am I willing to reach for a better feeling?”
5. Notice, “What am I aware of in this moment?”
6. Ask yourself, “What choice could I make now?”
7. Repeat steps 1-6 until you feel your body relax more and more.

You may even have other questions pop up. Go with them. If they lead you to a feeling of expansion, your body is okay with the question. If they lead you to a feeling of constriction (sort of like a gut punch) then you know you are holding onto a feeling that could be released…and in fact is asking to be let go.

The above process works with all feelings. It doesn’t matter if you have an accumulation of feelings or just a few that you’ve picked up in the last conversation you just had. Use this process to neutralize your feelings so that you have more ease and awareness in your life.

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