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Energy healer. Consciousness transformation. It’s all very confusing for most people. Now, I finally know how to explain what I do with energy.

Imagine you are driving your car (known as life). A roadblock pops up. It doesn’t matter why it’s there. My job is to remove the energy holding the roadblock in place so the roadblock can move and you can continue driving your car without having to forge a new road. When another roadblock pops up, you call me for help (at first, until you learn how to remove them for yourself).

That’s it.

Here is how it worked recently…just after New Year’s a friend (F) called and said that her sister (S) was having problems. S was pregnant, had placenta accreta, and had had a stroke caused by blood clots in the brain. She was on blood thinners and was anxious. Very understandable.

F called and asked if there was anything I could do. Knowing that feeling relaxed is a side benefit of what I do, I said sure. I’d just gotten into town and offered to do a session in person (instead of long distance).

The session lasted about an hour, during which time I also cleared the roadblocks for S’s husband and F. S felt like she had more energy, which she reported stayed with her.

Five weeks later F texted me. S was in labor and the surgeons wanted to delay the C-section until later in the day to allow the blood thinners (needed because of the blood clots) to leave her system. I cleared the roadblocks to this happening and looked for a perfect situation. The contractions stopped and she went home.

Two weeks later, the planned C-section was to take place. F texted me for support. I flipped energy early in the day. Then waited. She wasn’t going into surgery until 3 pm.

At five I texted F because I hadn’t heard anything and was wondering what had happened. In short, the baby was born fine, but the doctors had trouble stopping S’s bleeding and everyone thought S might have to get a hysterectomy. I energetically removed the roadblocks to the perfect solution showing up and waited for the next text.

The bleeding slowed. The uterus was saved. The next challenge was that S had lost 40% of her blood. A blood transfusion was possible. I started flipping energy.

Once again, the roadblocks were removed and after a night on the OR floor she was moved to another part of the hospital.

The next text said she was in pain and was nauseous. And again, I flipped the energy.

The next text was that she was feeling better. Mother and baby were doing well.
The texts over the next few days fluctuated between needing a blood transfusion and not. I kept flipping energy, clearing anything that got in the way of a perfect solution. While I thought that no blood transfusion was best, I allowed for the possibility that something better was possible. Mother and baby went home with all Mom’s parts and without a blood transfusion.

Did I heal her? No. I removed the energetic roadblocks so that her body could work optimally as each situation popped up.

Does the energy flipping always work out as I intend? Yes and no. Yes, I’m able to increase the love energy and share it with the person. And no, because what we think is the best result doesn’t always happen. But I do my best to increase the vibration so that the roadblocks dissolve and thus allows the recipient a better chance of finding their way to the best situation for them.

And this works with everything, not just health. So, the next challenge you face, call for your roadblock removal and watch your life open up to better and better situations.

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  1. Whitney January 16, 2017 at 11:42 am

    Thank you for this insight. Love roadblock removal

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