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A basketball player can’t make a basket and score unless he actually lets go of the ball. No matter how good his intentions, training, preparation, conditioning, etc. are, if he doesn’t give up his hold, nothing happens. The ball will never make it into the basket. He will never score.

Consciousness transformation is the same way. We have to let go of what is holding us in place to allow us to move someplace new. This new place is actually just being more aware of what actually is instead of what we think is true.

Many people don’t know how to let go. It’s very easy…if we remember to do it. That’s the biggest thing from my perspective…remembering to do it. Going back to basketball, if the player can’t remember to score the basket (letting go of the ball), then there is very little chance he will be able to score.

A basketball player’s goal is to score by allowing the ball to go through the net. He’s looking for the right feeling, the moment that leads to his desire…a basket.

What is the goal of releasing?

With consciousness transformation, we score by becoming neutral so that nothing pulls us in one direction or another. This allows us to become more aware, which leads to better actions and outcomes.

What are you actually releasing?

A basketball player releases the ball. With consciousness transformation, you may think you are releasing your thoughts. But you are only partially right. To release your thoughts, you have to release your hold on the thoughts, which actually means the feelings you have about those thoughts.

Your feelings, which are the sensations in your body, are actually holding the thoughts in place. These sensations have been with us for so long that they feel comfortable. Sometimes we don’t even recognize that they are there. The first step is to recognize that you have sensations in your body. It isn’t necessary to figure out what the feeling is, label it, know where it came from, etc.

How do you let go?

Give yourself permission. It’s that simple.

A basketball player will automatically look at the basket, take aim and then subconsciously ask himself, “Am I willing to shoot the basket now?” Consciously, it may seem as if he made a command to “shoot.” But underneath the surface, he actually asks himself a question.

A question leads you to giving yourself permission. This question gives your subconscious wiggle room to allow for an answer to pop up. For example, “Could I allow this feeling to move? Whatever this feeling is am I willing to give it permission to leave? Am I willing to destroy and uncreate whatever this is? Am I willing to invert, neutralize and harmonize this sensation?” The answer of course is YES! This “yes” gives your subconscious permission to release it’s hold and allow the sensation to move on where it will be more useful…hopefully outside of your reality.

During the releasing process, you are just bringing the question to the surface. The exact wording used varies from transformation program to program. Some words that may work for you are: let go, release, destroy, uncreate, neutralize, harmonize, flip, invert, or some combination of these. Find the words that work best for you.

How will you know if it works?

You’ll know you are successful when you get a sense of “Ahhhh,” which is often accompanied by a sigh or yawn. It feels as if you just opened up and expanded.

If you still feel contracted and as if you are punched in the gut, ask another question (possibly using another wording combination). Its trial and error for what works for you and how often you need to ask the questions. Just pay attention to how your body feels.

Think of the sensation as hands holding on to your inner body. Each time you ask a question, a finger releases it’s grip. As the hands are about to let go entirely there is a moment of a sensation that may register as panic. These hands are “thinking,” “Will I be safe if I let go?”

The bigger decision for you is, “Do you truly want to hold onto something that isn’t benefiting you?” After all, the sensation is just holding you in someplace that is familiar. It’s telling you a lie that you will be safe if it stays. In truth, you will be safe if you are more aware. And holding onto the sensation is blocking your awareness. It’s blocking you from scoring in your life.

So as a basketball player releases the ball to score, you too can score by releasing or letting go of the hold these sensations have on you. If they continue to hold onto you, then they are actually preventing you from scoring in your life. They are directing you. Take back control. Let go. Release. Invert. Destroy. Uncreate. Neutralize. Harmonize. Whatever it takes!

You are in charge of you. It’s up to you. Are you willing to let go and score in your life?

Brief Overview

Be aware that your body is experiencing a sensation.

Ask yourself a question, such as, “Am I willing to allow this sensation to move?”

Make a choice to allow the sensation to move and leave. Answer, “YES!”

Allow yourself to find the sensation that allows you to breath easier. This is the ahh feeling that will indicate that your body has let go of the sensation you used to have.

Repeat as necessary to release all the “hands gripping your innards.”

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