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Sun Through The Palms

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Angel Power to the rescue, before we needed rescuing. Traveling home from vacation with the family, Shoshi and I set the intention for the day to be easy, fun and safe. We stood in the crowded airport in Turks & Caicos and found the energetic window where this was possible, then laughed as we pointed to the exact same space for the energetic window.

After getting on the plane, I blasted the inside of the plane with violet fire, the color for transformation. My intention was to clear out any bad juju and fill the plane with love. I asked Archangels Michael and Gabriel to keep everyone on the plane safe and to insure a safe flight. Then I settled in squeezed between my husband and Shoshi as we sat in row 16 and read my book.

We sat on the plane for an hour. No problem. I knew the angels would help us even though it would be a tight fit once we landed and the hour and a half would be reduced to half an hour to catch our connecting flight. Shoshi started to imagine the worst. I just increased my love energy and went back to reading.

The flight was easy until Shoshi wondered if we were going to make the connection and asked the flight attendant, who said, “Never.” Shoshi started freaking out. She had been so good on vacation, but she was done. I reminded her that she could choose a different outcome. I reinforced the energy and then went back to my reading.

Long story short, immigration was a breeze and took two minutes, getting our luggage took five minutes, customs was two minutes, returning the luggage took 30 seconds…and then we saw the long security line. My boys thought to ask if another security station had smaller lines. A, B, or C might. So we started running. We ended up at A with zero line. The two people in front of us let us go in front of them and we were at the gate in plenty of time. We also got lucky that the airlines delayed the boarding. We even had time to use the bathroom and buy snacks. As we sat down (again in row 16), I realized that I’d been asking to get to the plane and board it. So, I amended the request to include that we arrive home safely that night. And we landed exactly on time.

That’s Angel Power…asking the angels for help by identifying what we truly desired, feeling the sensation of the success, and then reminding myself to keep feeling the sensation. Travel can be easy with Angel Power.
I use it all the time for many different situations. If you are interested in learning more about this Angel Power, please contact me for a session.

(Thank you American Airlines, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and all the various people at the airport for helping to make this possible. And thank you angels for your assistance once again.)

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