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Receiving and giving are two sides of the same coin. They go together and you don’t have one without the other. Are the coins in your life balanced? Or are you allowing only one side or the other to show up in your life? Are you giving enough? Are you receiving enough? What is enough? Are you willing to do both? Or do you identify yourself as only a giver or a receiver? Do you equate one with being selfish and the other with being generous?

As with everything, your perspective guides your reality. This past week, my perspective is one of giving. It’s been a philanthropy week. It wasn’t planned out this way, but it sure became that. I had a few philanthropy activities planned for the summer.

As it happened, they all occurred within a one-week period. Last Thursday was the playground build for Providence St. Mel, a school that I’m involved with. Saturday was a garden walk at my home and empowerment talk for a local church. This week, I’m a healing arts practitioner at Integrative Touch for Kids (ITK), a healing retreat for kids with special needs and their families.

ITK was also the first recipient of my Royalty Days initiative. They received a check for $450. (All of my royalties for Surviving Your Teenager…And Being Happy Anyway are being donated to non-profits that benefit children.)

This all sounds like I’m giving and giving. And I am. But I’m also receiving…love, encouragement, satisfaction, smiles, gratitude and more. The more I recognize what I’m receiving, the more the Universe will give me to receive. For example, yesterday my schedule was very light and it was a low energy day for me. It was all perfect, I was able to feel my feelings about my mother, who had died 20 years ago on that date. This was a gift I was willing to receive instead of keeping myself so busy that I didn’t have time to feel.

As with most things, there is a balance. We tend to do one more than the other, but the ultimate goal is to be neutral and balanced. Neutrality means that we are happy and comfortable in either position.

Although, we generally have a preference and are inclined to give or receive. Most of us are not neutral in every moment. We dip to one side or the other. The clue is to look for balance. Think of balance as fluid motion. Sometimes, we are giving and other times we are receiving. The goal is to be balanced (fluid) and neutral (not attached to one outcome or the other).

Remember, you can’t have only one side of a coin. There are always two sides. So, the next time you are a giver, look and see if you are also a receiver. What are you receiving when you give? And the next time you are receiving, yes you get to receive, what are you allowing others to give to you?

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