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Is it ever over?  Will I ever be done with it?  It seems as if I’m always releasing, shifting, letting go, visualizing, etc.  I even do it in my dreams.  The inner work seems to be endless.  There is always more to do.  But I can say that I am overall happier, more peaceful and less reactive.  I’d like to reach a point where everything is smooth sailing.  Unfortunately, the stresses of life keep on coming whether I’m interacting with people or running into self-imposed snags.  The clue is to take the sting out of them and face them as learning challenges – something else to be appreciated.

Taking care of your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies is probably similar to taking care of the physical body.  Everyone knows that a healthy body doesn’t just happen. It requires exercise, healthy food, sleep, and even emotional neutrality, to name a few things.  So, why do people think that after doing inner work a few days or weeks, it should be done?  It’s not as if we can do one sit up or even 100 sit ups for one month and expect the results to last forever.

The clue is muscle memory.  If the muscles are in the habit of doing sit ups, then even after a short break, the muscles remember and can preform well once they are stimulated again.  It’s even easier if you just keep doing them.  Muscle memory is a memorized pattern.  It makes sense with muscles.

The same is true of our subconscious programing, which affects our mental and emotional bodies.  We run on memorized patterns.  If a person is yelled at and criticized repeatedly, one may yell back, while another may cringe in fear or even hide. The reaction can even happen if the person thinks about being yelled at by anyone since the subconscious doesn’t differentiate between something really happening and just thinking about it happening.

To the body, it all feels real.  It takes a lot of repeated effort to get to the point where you can honestly say, “That’s an interesting point of view” — and not have it be a stressor.  Dr. Leonard Coldwell, a renowned cancer specialist, says it takes at least 21 days of repeated new patterning to create new dendrites or “roads” in the brain that will allow someone to think and act differently.

It makes sense.  But every day for three full weeks?  The changes start happening before then, but the new “roads” aren’t built and fully functioning in the brain until the full 21 days.  Yes.  It’s a long time.  But since this is the only you you have, isn’t it worth taking care of all of you?  After all, what are a few exercises if it makes you feel better and live a happier life?



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