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Judith Joy

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Eating breakfast can be boring if I just stare into space.  I’m one of those people who likes to read as I eat by myself.  (I know it is better to eat and enjoy the food, then to cover up the experience with something else, but oh well.)  Anyway, I hit on something new -- reading oracle cards and seeing what is recommended for me.  This is so much better than reading the news and reviewing what has already happened, which usually has a pretty low vibration.

Anyway, yesterday, I pulled the cards from four different decks and asked the question, “What is today’s message?”

For those of you who don’t know how oracle cards work, you ask a question and then shuffle the cards until one “speaks to you.” The card usually speaks to me by falling out of the deck or I just feel that it is time to look at a particular card.  The clue is to trust what comes up as being perfect and the exact message I need.

Well, Friday’s cards gave me the following messages:

     1.  Pass on wisdom that I know.

     2.  Relax if something I desire hasn’t come to fruition.

     3.  Watch for a miracle.  Coincidences remind us of a higher power.

     4.  Creative action will spark optimism.  Magical energy will help complete ideas for positive good.  Things will come to light quickly.

How is this going to play out?  What is really being said?  What does this apply to? How are they related?  Could this be related to the D’var Torah* that I’m trying to help Adam write? Not quite sure, I pulled another card.  It came up to ask the angels to protect me.

Well, duh!  Adam and I have been fighting during the entire process.  I forgot to ask the angels/Universe/God for help with writing the speech.  And I forgot to do Matrix Energetics on the speech and the process.  Once I did that, we were able to sit down and write the majority of the speech in less than an hour.

Thank you oracle cards for pointing this out to me.  Your messages were a much needed sign.  The miracle was that we wrote it easily and didn't fight -- once we took care of the important stuff. Thank you Universe.

*D’var Torah:  A speech given by the Bar Mitzvah boy that explains the torah portion he read in the service and how it applies to his life.

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