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Judith Joy - Book Review


I love research and learning in all its varied forms. For me, writing is a way to further understand what I’m learning. And as for teaching, it seems to spill out of me. No matter what I learn, I somehow end up teaching or coaching. It’s a part of who I am. For within the writing and coaching, I’m forced to further understand what it is I’m learning to be certain that I truly understand what I’m learning.

Everything around us is constantly changing. It may seem that everything stays the same, but if we pay attention, something is different. You see, the Universe is constantly creating. And I use research to help me shape this creation.

However, it is in the comfort of the familiar that we get stuck, never noticing the evolving and growing happening around us. This stuckness is also known as habit. It’s the mantra that seems to run in the background of our lives keeping us unaware of what can truly be if we only allowed ourselves to be open to something different, something new, something magical.

Thus, this section of the website…book reviews. As I read and research, I feel the desire to share with you the magical words I’m reading. The books vary from business to metaphysics to spirituality to the afterlife to science…in short, whatever draws my attention. (I’ll spare you the reviews of the romance and mystery books I read. Although very often, if I’m searching for an answer, something a fiction author says may be exactly right thing.)

Within each review, I’ll include a Golden Nugget. This is something that I found valuable and useful. And it may be something valuable for you also.

Of course, the books that I review will probably all be positive reviews…some more than others. Why is this? Quite simply, I don’t like to complain, because what you focus on is what you get. And I certainly don’t need more things to complain about.

So, what of the “yucky” books. Simply, if I don’t like a book (for whatever reason), I have a hard time getting through it. And if I don’t read it, I don’t think it will be fair if I review it. I’m not going to waste my time slogging through something only to write a mediocre review. Although, there are times that my interest just doesn’t match up with the current book, and I’d hate to give it a bad review if at another time, it would be the perfect book with the perfect message. So, let’s just assume that the “yucky” books are just not matching up with my search at the moment. After all, it’s only true until it’s not. The “yucky” book could turn out to be a Golden Nugget at a different moment in time.

As always, I’ll be honest and straightforward.

If you have a book that you recommend I read and review, please send me the title and author in the comment section.

Book Review

Choices and Illusions

By Eldon Taylor
2 thumbs up

Two Thumbs Up

Choices and Illusions is about the choices that we make based upon our thoughts, which are in fact NOT our own thoughts. Just think of all the messages we absorb throughout the day from teachers, clergy, friends, family, advertisements, radio, TV, etc. and you will realize that Taylor is correct. Most of what we think has been programmed into us. Therefore, it’s an illusion that we are making choices because if we make choices based upon A, B, or C and they have all been programed into us, are we really making a choice?

Taylor comes at the whole “problem” by saying if this is so then let’s use this “programming” to our benefit. He believes that subliminal messaging (hidden in music) is the way to accomplish this.

While I agree with much of the information in the book, I have always been taught (there you go, someone else’s ideas) that subliminal messaging is bad. So, I’ve been fighting within myself. Is it bad? Isn’t it bad? What I came up with was that to willfully listen to subliminal messaging one has to truly trust the person doing the programming.


Book Review

Contagious, Why Things Catch On

By Jonah Berger
2 thumbs up

Two Thumbs Up

Entertaining read. Great stories to illustrate the points. Truly tickles your psychological arousal. As the book says, “nobody talks about something boring.” This book helps outline the different ways you can make your product or message entertaining and noticed.

I advise you to read the book to get a deeper understanding of how to use each of them.

  1. Social Currency… Make people feel like insiders
  2. Triggers… Use something in the environment to remind people of your product or message
  3. Emotion… Focus on the feeling
  4. Public… Make things more observable to make them easier to imitate
  5. Practical Value… People like to help others. Show them how to do this with your product or message.
  6. Stories… People tell stories. Make the message or product a vital part of the story told.
Golden Nugget: STEPPS is the basis of Contagious. This is an acronym for the six principles that influence whether a product or message will catch on. Use all six principles or just a few.

Book Review


By Eldon Taylor
2 thumbs up

Two Thumbs Up

The book Gotcha! by Eldon Taylor is worth getting EVEN IF YOU NEVER OPEN IT! That’s a strange statement for a book review. Let me explain.

The title, Gotcha! says it all. Just viewing that word reminds you that others are manipulating us whether it’s intentionally as with advertising or unintentionally as with their own limiting beliefs. They are actually stealing your free will. Stealing? Well, maybe not stealing. Maybe it’s more that we are giving it away. Yes, giving it away when we choose to believe them.

How are people manipulating you? Put the book on your coffee table and then as you watch TV, read a book, listen to the debates or even talk with someone keep asking yourself, “What are they doing to manipulate me? What would it take for me to stand in my truth? What can I do or be to be more of my true me?”

And if you decide to actually read the book, you will find it filled with a lot of useful information. You will be surprised at how the “world” seems to be manipulating you. This manipulation is very subtle in many cases, but once your eyes are open to how others are stomping on your free will, you will be more aware and can thus make your own choices. Thus reclaiming your free will.

Well worth the read.

Book Review

Guiding Personal Source

By Hector E. Garcia, D.C.
2 thumbs up

Two Thumbs Up

Fabulous book. Easy to understand and follow. Great for the beginner as well as the more advanced.

I have taken Dr. Garcia’s seminars, have had personal sessions with him and can testify that the information presented in the book actually works. Once you learn to tap into the energy field, you will be able to clear the blocks that are holding you in place. The book gives various ways to create more clarity and balance. Life issues truly can be inverted and neutralized in a moment.

He highlights three questions (and then shows how to test for the truth in the answers):

  • Is my issue really an issue?
  • Does thinking about my issue make it an issue?
  • Is the thought of not having an issue the problem?

While I’ve heard these before, when I read Guiding Personal Source, a new understanding came forth. Was I holding onto an issue not because of the issue, but because the thought of not actually having it was unimaginable?

I’ll definitely be reading this book over and over.

Golden Nugget: Dr. Garcia talks about how everything is in relationship. Your issue is as much in relationship to you as you are to it.

Book Review

f**k it, the ultimate spiritual way

by John Parkin
2 thumbs up

Two Thumbs Up

This seems like a stream of consciousness book loosely organized, but still packed full of valuable information. The basic message is to say, “f**k it” and by doing so to accept yourself and everything around you without judgment. Thus, feeling the relief of accepting what is. This is a fun, lighthearted way of letting go and not having an attachment or aversion to something. F**k it gives valuable information and a new way of looking at spirituality.

Where are you holding onto a judgment that if you let go of it, you would have more peace?

Golden Nugget: Parkin was writing about his peace trip…his search for peace when “…one day I realized that wanting to be peaceful and monk-like was just making me judgemental (sic) about all the bits in me that aren’t.” (p. 95)

Book Review


By Shane Snow
2 thumbs up (Three if I could)

Two Thumbs Up

Powerful information. High vibration book. I was so excited while reading it that I couldn’t go to bed and had to force myself to sleep at 2 am.

This book gives wonderful examples of situations, people and times that people have used smartcuts, which Snow describes as shortcuts with integrity. He encourages everyone to “be an entrepreneur in their own life” and gives many ways to move forward in non-traditional ways.

This is what I did by using the unschooling model while I was homeschooling one of my kids…follow an interest, dig deep, and learn the skills needed to learn more about the subject. The skills are then seen as necessary to learn and thus have more value than if the skills were learned outside of a useful context.

In fact, this is how I’ve learned about consciousness transformation and energy healing. I had an interest and then found out more and more and more, learning what I needed along the way.

Golden Nugget: Get the thinking right and the skills will follow. (P. 91) Snow emphasizes the importance of learning more about fewer topics and digging deeper (instead of learning less about more topics).

Talk to the Entities Book Review

Talk to the Entities

By Shannon O’Hara
1 thumb up

One Thumbs Up

Talk to the Entities is an easy read with valuable information. It begins with a history of how entities have influenced the author throughout her life. It then continues with examples of how she helped others clear the influence entities had on their lives. Finally, she gives a few methods that you can use if you suspect that entities are playing apart in your life.

Whether you believe in entities (spirits who remain behind after the body dies) or not, this book has valuable information. This was the second time I’ve read it and found even more information.

Golden Nugget: Your fear doesn’t have to rule your life. Entities don’t have to be scary…if you have the perspective that they can be something else. “If you can start to ask what energies are there that are playful and nice, ask for playmates. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have fun with it rather than be scared.” (p. 156)

Favorite Books

Busting Loose From The Money Game, Robert Scheinfeld
The Divine Matrix, by Gregg Braden
Do You QuantumThink?, by Dianne Collins
Fractal Time, by Gregg Braden
Happiness Now, by Robert Holden, PhD
The Intention Experiment, by Lynne McTaggart
Matrix Energetics, by Dr. Richard Bartlett
Mindful Loving, Henry Grayson, PhD
The Only Answer to Stress, Anxiety, and Depression, by Dr. Leonard Coldwell
The Physics of Miracles, by Dr. Richard Bartlett
Power vs. Force, by David Hawkins
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, by Joseph Murphy
There are No Accidents, by Robert H. Hopcke
The Way to Complete Freedom, Lester Levenson

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