Sun Through The Palms

Angel Power

Angel Power to the rescue, before we needed rescuing. Traveling home from vacation with the family, Shoshi and I set the intention for the day to be easy, fun and safe. We stood in the crowded airport in Turks & Caicos and found the energetic window where this was possible, then laughed as we pointed to the exact same ... Read more

Thought Challenge. Game On.

We have much more control over our lives than we ever imagined. It’s been said that 98% of what we think and feel isn’t coming from us. That’s right. We are great big antennas picking up stuff from others. Our mistake is in thinking that it is coming from us. That got me thinking. If I can absorb thoughts from others, ... Read more

Blowing My Circuits

What would it take to have a new perspective? When we adopt a new way of looking at things, new choices are possible. Just because we chose something in the past (even a conclusion that we came to) doesn’t mean that we have to stay with that choice forever and ever. Something new is possible. This is how it ... Read more
Sea Sunset

Speaking About IFF

I did it! Last night I gave a speech to a group of parents about my book, Surviving Your Teenager…And Being Happy Anyway. My speaking career has started. Thank you Zion-Benton High School. While technically, this wasn’t the first speech, it was the first one that I had done a lot of preparation for and that I felt confident about. ... Read more
Golden Clouds

The Universal Upgrade

The Universal Upgrade Apparently, the Universe is doing an automatic upgrade.  The vibration of the planet is increasing and as with any change this can be interpreted as uncomfortable.  Some people don’t like it all and are choosing to check out, while others are just bothered and feeling out of sorts or in pain.  I’ve been reading about this for ... Read more
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