Setting Intentions - A Valuable Gift to Share!

Setting Intentions – A Valuable Gift to Share!

This week I celebrated my birthday. On my birthday, I took a look back at the intentions that my friends had set for me last year. It was a nice reflection of what I have accomplished and what my friends had expressed. You can see how I did by checking out my Birthday Intentions blog on my website at ... Read more
Universe Box

Universe Box

It’s a great day. What do you have planned for today? What is your intention? What is your true desire underneath your intention? Something fabulous I hope. For me, my husband is coming home. He’s been away helping his father, who recently had surgery. Everything is healing nicely. And truth be told, I enjoy the times apart. Don’t get me ... Read more
Patch to Beach

End Scene

Have you ever felt lost? First, it’s the moment of recognition when you feel panicked and possibly utter, “Oh ****.” Then your body has a small freak out (or possibly a big freak out) as you search for some semblance of something familiar to lead you back on track. This could take a moment or years. Many people feel ... Read more
Soaring Flamingo

Meeting Me

What would it take to create this desire? Most people try to figure it out and follow the how-to steps they think it should be. A much easier way of living is to know your desire (intention) and then follow the inspired actions that the Universe presents to you. And of course, the higher your personal vibration is, the ... Read more
Future Becomes Reality

Future Becomes Reality

The most amazing thing happened last night! A vision became real…in a totally different way than I thought it would. You see, when I first started all this releasing and letting go stuff years ago, I cried when I stood in front of a small group of people (probably about 15) just because I had to stand there and talk. ... Read more
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