Soaring Flamingo

Meeting Me

What would it take to create this desire? Most people try to figure it out and follow the how-to steps they think it should be. A much easier way of living is to know your desire (intention) and then follow the inspired actions that the Universe presents to you. And of course, the higher your personal vibration is, the ... Read more
Future Becomes Reality

Future Becomes Reality

The most amazing thing happened last night! A vision became real…in a totally different way than I thought it would. You see, when I first started all this releasing and letting go stuff years ago, I cried when I stood in front of a small group of people (probably about 15) just because I had to stand there and talk. ... Read more
Blow It Up

Choosing to Let Go – Creating a Magical Year

Feelings and body sensations are inevitable. Holding onto them is optional. Many people don’t realize that holding onto a feeling is a choice. And the exciting thing about it being a choice, is that you can make a new choice. You can choose to let the feeling go. It’s that simple. Here are three quick ways to let go (depending upon your learning ... Read more
Sun Through The Palms

Angel Power

Angel Power to the rescue, before we needed rescuing. Traveling home from vacation with the family, Shoshi and I set the intention for the day to be easy, fun and safe. We stood in the crowded airport in Turks & Caicos and found the energetic window where this was possible, then laughed as we pointed to the exact same ... Read more

Thought Challenge. Game On.

We have much more control over our lives than we ever imagined. It’s been said that 98% of what we think and feel isn’t coming from us. That’s right. We are great big antennas picking up stuff from others. Our mistake is in thinking that it is coming from us. That got me thinking. If I can absorb thoughts from others, ... Read more
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