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Congratulations. You’ve had some positive changes in your life. Perhaps you’ve gotten engaged, bought a house, gotten a promotion, moved in with your loved one, or gotten married. Or have you done all of these within one year? These are all good things that are happening in your life, so what is blocking the exuberance you were expecting to feel? ... Read more
Abandoned Cones

Roadblock Removal

Energy healer. Consciousness transformation. It’s all very confusing for most people. Now, I finally know how to explain what I do with energy. Imagine you are driving your car (known as life). A roadblock pops up. It doesn’t matter why it’s there. My job is to remove the energy holding the roadblock in place so the roadblock can move and ... Read more

Let Go and Score

A basketball player can’t make a basket and score unless he actually lets go of the ball. No matter how good his intentions, training, preparation, conditioning, etc. are, if he doesn’t give up his hold, nothing happens. The ball will never make it into the basket. He will never score. Consciousness transformation is the same way. We have to let ... Read more
The Doors are Open

The Doors are Open

The screen and front doors flew open. Wide open. And we started to laugh. The angels had spoken. Last night, Shoshi and I had been sitting talking with an Angel Lady. (She gives messages from the angels. And let me tell you, she was scary accurate. As soon as we sat down, she asked, “Who is the writer?” Both ... Read more
Gotcha! (Book Review)

Gotcha! (Book Review)

This book (Gotcha! by Eldon Taylor) is worth getting EVEN IF YOU NEVER OPEN IT! That’s a strange statement for a book review. Let me explain. The title, Gotcha! says it all. Just viewing that word reminds you that others are manipulating us whether it’s intentionally as with advertising or unintentionally as with their own limiting beliefs. They are actually ... Read more
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