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Endless Possibilities

The House of Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility is one of the main tenets of life. How you respond before, during and after an event is entirely up to you. Something about tenet of life and tenant living in a building. The soul is living within your body. The body houses the soul and as such you, as the soul, needs a ... Read more
Eclipse Headaches Explained

Eclipse Headaches Explained

Headache during the eclipse? Me too. Yesterday, many people felt a headache before, during or after the eclipse. I was one of them. In fact, I noticed that during the height of the eclipse the headache got more intense. I didn’t think anything of it because I get a lot of headaches…until I read on the internet that others ... Read more
Metal Wings

The Receiving and Giving Coin

Receiving and giving are two sides of the same coin. They go together and you don’t have one without the other. Are the coins in your life balanced? Or are you allowing only one side or the other to show up in your life? Are you giving enough? Are you receiving enough? What is enough? Are you willing to ... Read more

Knowing What You Don’t Know

I finished a book this morning in which the main character, a mother, died. Tears spilled over as I read the final pages and it led me to remember my mother, who had died 20 years ago. Grandy. That’s what my mother wanted to be called when she first became a grandmother. She saw the name in one of her ... Read more
By The Pier

Breaking Free

Sometimes we need to see things in a new way.  We need to expand how we think of something.  The signs we get from the Universe, such as pain, are trying to point out how we are blocking ourselves or how we can move forward toward the creations in our hearts. Take my headaches of late.  I say of late ... Read more
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