Gotcha! (Book Review)

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Gotcha! (Book Review)

Gotcha! (Book Review)

This book (Gotcha! by Eldon Taylor) is worth getting EVEN IF YOU NEVER OPEN IT! That’s a strange statement for a book review. Let me explain. The title, Gotcha! says it all. Just viewing that word reminds you that others are manipulating us whether it’s intentionally as with advertising or unintentionally as with their own limiting beliefs. They are actually ... Read more

Thought Challenge. Game On.

We have much more control over our lives than we ever imagined. It’s been said that 98% of what we think and feel isn’t coming from us. That’s right. We are great big antennas picking up stuff from others. Our mistake is in thinking that it is coming from us. That got me thinking. If I can absorb thoughts from others, ... Read more

The Bad is Good

Instead of going into the consciousness of everything that is wrong with your choices, try something new. Look for what is right or good about those choices. This will shift your focus from negative to positive as well as open up the possibilities for something even better. Recently, my husband and I were at dinner with friends. (Yes, this is ... Read more

Blowing My Circuits

What would it take to have a new perspective? When we adopt a new way of looking at things, new choices are possible. Just because we chose something in the past (even a conclusion that we came to) doesn’t mean that we have to stay with that choice forever and ever. Something new is possible. This is how it ... Read more
Purple Glow

New Connections

Did you ever wonder why you seem to be limiting your success? It’s almost as if you can allow yourself to be successful…but only so much. Total all out success seems to be out of your grasp. But what if it wasn’t? What if total success was possible? Would you allow it? That’s the kicker. Would you allow it? It’s ... Read more
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