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Intentions To Desire

Intentions To Desire

Intentions to Desire…What does this mean for you? I’m sure you’ve heard references about solar eclipses and transformation. In short, eclipses bring about change and some type of internal personal transformation associated with this change. But, did you know that you can also bring this change about anytime. To give this change some direction, ask yourself: What am I ready ... Read more

Feeding The Feeling

My anniversary was recently and that got me thinking… When my husband and I got married, we chose fun as the feeling we wanted to experience during the wedding. Thus, while planning the wedding, we asked ourselves, “What would it take to make this party even more fun?” To us, fun is laughter, bubbly excitement, and pops of surprises. It ... Read more

Possibility Wave

Yesterday was a beach day down here in Florida. Perfect weather…75 degrees, sunny, light breeze. Lots of sand and water. And new friends for my grandkids to play with. It’s this new friends bit I’d like to talk about. A mother (about my daughter’s age) and her two sons (ages 4½ and 6) happened to sit next to us at ... Read more

Curiosity Deck: Choosing The Feelings

My grandkids are visiting this week. It’s certainly different having a 2 and 4 year old in the house. The day starts much earlier. The idea of neat and orderly doesn’t exist. The day is filled with lots of short interest moments until the kids are onto the next thing. My interpreting mind is stretched as I look for ... Read more
Patch to Beach

End Scene

Have you ever felt lost? First, it’s the moment of recognition when you feel panicked and possibly utter, “Oh ****.” Then your body has a small freak out (or possibly a big freak out) as you search for some semblance of something familiar to lead you back on track. This could take a moment or years. Many people feel ... Read more
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