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Good + Bad = All

God is both good and bad. Many of us, myself included, view God as loving and forgiving. But if God is One, it means there is no separation because separation implies you have to have at least two. Thus God is all. It follows then that God is both good and bad. Jed McKenna wrote about this in Spiritual Enlightenment, ... Read more

Useful Until Not

It’s only true until it’s not. This concept is about the training wheels we use as we learn things. Once we don’t need them any more, then they can be put aside. When talking about a physical object like training wheels and learning to ride a bike, this makes sense. However, what about the concept ... Read more

Goodbye Corn Syrup

I recently decided (with my doctor’s urging) to eliminate all corn…that includes corn syrup, corn starch, and a zillion other corn related things. This was on top of already eliminating wheat, dairy and a few other odd items. And of course, this was two days before the boys and I were going to Door County for a ... Read more

Nothing Happened, Except…

Last night, the Practitioner's Fair went very well. My stuff was well received with comments such as: "I didn't know you did this." "You have powerful energy." "Nothing happened, well, except for my knee jumping 6 inches, but nothing happened." (HaHa) "It feels so good to be in the Matrix again." "I ... Read more

Today’s The Day

This is it. My coming out party. Mercury is finally out of retrograde. My planets are lining up. I've pulled my oracle cards and they assure me that what I've been playing with to manifest will in fact manifest. Tonight is the Practitioners' Fair for the Infinity Foundation and yours truly will be demonstrating ... Read more
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