The House of Personal Responsibility

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Endless Possibilities

The House of Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility is one of the main tenets of life. How you respond before, during and after an event is entirely up to you. Something about tenet of life and tenant living in a building. The soul is living within your body. The body houses the soul and as such you, as the soul, needs a ... Read more
Blow It Up

Choosing to Let Go – Creating a Magical Year

Feelings and body sensations are inevitable. Holding onto them is optional. Many people don’t realize that holding onto a feeling is a choice. And the exciting thing about it being a choice, is that you can make a new choice. You can choose to let the feeling go. It’s that simple. Here are three quick ways to let go (depending upon your learning ... Read more
Eclipse Headaches Explained

Eclipse Headaches Explained

Headache during the eclipse? Me too. Yesterday, many people felt a headache before, during or after the eclipse. I was one of them. In fact, I noticed that during the height of the eclipse the headache got more intense. I didn’t think anything of it because I get a lot of headaches…until I read on the internet that others ... Read more


Congratulations. You’ve had some positive changes in your life. Perhaps you’ve gotten engaged, bought a house, gotten a promotion, moved in with your loved one, or gotten married. Or have you done all of these within one year? These are all good things that are happening in your life, so what is blocking the exuberance you were expecting to feel? ... Read more
Abandoned Cones

Roadblock Removal

Energy healer. Consciousness transformation. It’s all very confusing for most people. Now, I finally know how to explain what I do with energy. Imagine you are driving your car (known as life). A roadblock pops up. It doesn’t matter why it’s there. My job is to remove the energy holding the roadblock in place so the roadblock can move and ... Read more
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