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Kindness Stockpile

Recently, when my daughter was preparing for her move, her neck tweaked and she could hardly move. We all know it was the stress of the move…moving out of the house on her own and knowing that she isn’t coming back as she has in the past. This was a new experience for her and her body didn’t have ... Read more
Go for the Gold

Look for the Gold

Are you a member of the Moan and Groan Club? Or are you happy no matter what? Or do you fall somewhere in between? Do you know that you can choose how you react? That’s right. Even if you have a history of behaving one way, you can choose what your response will be the next time something pops ... Read more


Gratitude, whether it is for something in the past, present or future is another way to raise your personal vibration. In fact, this was my daughter’s preferred method for lifting herself up from years of depression. She still says gratitude statements nightly. One particular night comes to mind, as my daughter reflected on the events of her move earlier that ... Read more
Fields of Flowers

Love is a Verb

One lovely Friday night, I had an amazing experience. My husband and I were invited to a friend's apartment for a dinner party (translation: eight people gathering, laughing and eating together.) At the end of dinner, my friend said that she would like everyone to give an intention for the coming week, month or year. Immediately, I thought of the ... Read more
Desert Mountain

Personal Vibration

Have you been seeking answers about how to achieve success? Do you desire success… whatever that means to you? Let me help. In short, Your Personal Vibration + Your True Desire + Inspired Actions = Success. But we can’t do everything at once. So, let’s start with the most important concept.   What is the most important concept for you to learn? Vibrations… and ... Read more
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